LEGO's Obsession of Grey Colored Pieces

Is it just me or does LEGO still use grey pieces too often? Examples:
The New Gearbox. Would’ve been better in black.

The Toa Metru also had grey pieces as well. Why couldn’t their color scheme be like Toa Lhikan or the Toa Hagah?

These hip extenders could’ve been in black as well or at least a different color.

Good lord, don’t get me started on 2008.

Grey isn’t a bad color…but it is when used OVER and OVER again and when the color scheme does NOT match. Grey isn’t a very appealing color to the eye.


it’s alright. Why not have black or white when you can have grey?

I don’t really blame Lego because they would need to include black and white pigment into their resources to colour the pieces, although it’s still pretty ridiculous. I have a feeling grey is either their cheapest colour, or it’s the natural colour that the plastic is, when the pieces have been finished being manufactured

I think grey worked well with the Toa Metru. It added to the industrial Metropolis feel to the series.

2008 though, that was way too much. I guess we should be grateful they threw in some gun metal to mix it up xD.


would you rather the Toa be silver?

Toa Metru with Silver bones?

#Yes please.


no I meant the 08 toa

but if you’d prefer toa with silver armor and their base colors as their accent colors sure

No, I was just thinking what would happen if silver was a better accent.

no wait, how about the pearly colors the Rahkshi had?

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Yes, much pretty. a little hard to use because of the lack of it. but it would look cool.

Since nearly a tub full of useful pieces are gray, it makes it even harder to have a consistent color scheme for MOCist, which could be seen as a challenge for the creator or a pain in the Berix to get right.


I think the only pieces that should be grey in the 2008 sets should be the parts that were grey in the Toa Metru sets. So basically the biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, weapons and the little bits and pieces like the hands and the very small pieces. The Phantoka and Mistika would have looked so much better if they were like that. 2008 Tahu suffered the most from the grey overload.

Pieces come in the colour they do so that they are more easily recognizable in a big pile.


isn’t Tahu and the Mistika silver?


You’re right it was. Doesn’t make much of a difference to me. It still distracted from what’s supposed to be their primary colour.

The way I see it, grey was meant to represent their mechanical parts of their bodies, wheras the coloured parts were either armor or part of their natural muscle/tissue.


Before melting down the plastic they choose the color

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Is that the same stuff LEGO uses?


Here they are in a Lego factory


Some of those are colored

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