Lehvak-Kal by the Battle of Bara Magna?

As far as we were aware by the end of 2003, all of the Bohrok-Kal were destroyed except for Lehvak-Kal who, owing to its vacuum powers, shot into space, and fell into orbit around Aqua Magna where “his orbit will eventually decay and he will burn up in the atmosphere of the planet.” However, as Aqua Magna was pulled back to Spherus Magna, would this have caused Lehvak-Kal (as well as the group of Tahnok left there by Nuhvok-Kal) to finish the job and destroy them in the gravitational pull (be it from Aqua Magna’s movement or from the gravitational blasts from Mata Nui and Makuta)?


I doubt very much Lehvak-Kal would have survived all that, no.


After 16 years of asking questions, we have finally figured out what happened to Lehvak-Kal. This is an epic achievement that should be recognized.

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