Lehvak Va Redesign - Digital art

original sketch

digital version

looks pretty cartoony, but oh well

comments? critiques? Bohrok are awesome? yes they are!


I like it, it’s definitely giving me a sort of “Gorillaz” vibe. The art definitely does the set some justice

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This looks fantastic I like how the digital version looks like its popping out

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Still looks stylistically amazing.

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Dang, that looks Spicy!
Nice little bug fella.

I always found Lehvak Va kinda goofy with those Katanas, but here it works. The way you’ve stylized it to be more limber adds an edge of intimidation, all without straying too far from the original design.

who said that’s a bad thing?

'cause it isn’t. this guy looks great in a cartoony style like this. good work.


I miss the insect eyes of the original.

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