Leina, Goth Girl

Not much of a story to this. I was watching an episode of Ben Cossy’s BIS For The Fans, which featured Djokson. I got some inspiration from Djok’s mocs, so I decided to give a spin at the smol girl moc concept. Other half of the inspiration came from L.A. Miranda’s doll mocs. Credit to those three for the idea I suppose.

I was also eager to put purple balljoints to use from my lugbulk and I really ended up liking the dress design here.

This was expanding my horizons again by doing something a bit different and inspired, but sticking to (mostly) technic as per usual.


goth? y does she have pink leggings

Because she feels like it.

They’re white shells that are reflecting the red background


Hey, this is pretty cute.

do they even make that piece in pink? Or any CCBS for that matter. I need to know for research purposes.


I like the eye’s

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I love it, she looks great. My only critique would be the top of the head is to flat for the pigtails, but with the amount of shaping you be already done, I can give it a pass.

Lego Goth Girls for Skullgirls.

This is a good cute moc.

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