Lemon Demon

Remember Potter Puppet Pals from years ago on YouTube? No? Well, the guy who made all of those silly shorts is actually really musically talented. He’s had a band called Lemon Demon for a while now, and they’re fantastic. You may know them because of their song “Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny,” but I was first introduced to them with “Ode to Crayola” and “White Bread Boyfriend,” the latter being my favorite song by them currently. Anyone else know and love this band? What’s your favorite song by them? What makes them special to you? Chickpeas, not a chick nor a pea. Discuss!

:musical_note: Toy food! :musical_note:

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Their name really triggers me. When i read it i expect it to sound like “Leemon Demon” or “Lemon Dehmon” but it’s not and it agravates me.

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my favourite is bad idea