Leo the lion (Star sign)

for this moc I took inspiration off ECLIPSED Leo from fairy tail but for the rest I just did for fun adding bits and bobs here and there to try and get a lion-esk feel to it. the gold is suppose to be his mane.


He’s rather cluttered. If you had the Rocka 3.0 head, he would look more like a lion. Right now, I don’t see the lion idea. Interesting ideas though, and I like that it’s not super simple.


Quite complex, but it also seems a bit messy.
The Rocka 3.0 head would work for the lion look, though.

If you hadn’t told me that it was lion-inspired, I honestly wouldn’t have known…try adding more animalistic features if you want it to look more like a lion

Honestly looks nothing like a lion. The entire thing is filled to the brim with really messy looking technic everywhere that is just an eyesore.

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This moc is kind of all over the place, and as others have said this looks almost nothing like a lion

I like the MOC overall, but I’m not seeing any kind of a face in that face. The high number of Technic pieces gives him a cool mechanical look, almost steampunk-ish with the gold thrown in there. I like that aspect of it. And the pics are top notch too. But the face/head is the biggest opportunity for improvement here.

ordinarily I enjoy the style of your MOCs, but one this one looks odd. There’s too much inconsistencies and it’s way too cluttered.

still alright tho :wink:

So, wait. This isn’t a MOC of myself?


FAAAAAAR too many greebles. Also, what the heck is up with the blue headspikes and core? Red and blue as accents don’t really work together.

Looks a little messy but nice build!

Looks pretty good.
Doesn’t resemble or have any characteristics of a lion though.

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the ears and chest symbol are purple its the way the light is hitting the lense of the camera