Lerahk - Animated Series [CHARACTER DESIGN]

Just something quick that I’ve drawn, tried to stay true to the style of the “official” desgins for the cartoon. Only interested in doing animated series designs for him and Kurahk for now because reasons. Stay tuned for Kurahk’s design in a few days I guess. He might deviate from the canon style a little.


Ooooooooooh! Very interesting! I like the chestplate; that green really pops.

Regarding the other Rahkshi, well, Kurahk, have you considered taking some inspiration from Sokoda’s minifigure prints? Just out of curiosity.

So I get that the Rahksi are a pretty big deal in G3, but I do have one question. Are there any Bohrok?

Anyway, this looks really good. Great work.

…maybe? The way I picture him, he’s more of an axl-fig.

I have no idea.


I hope there is. The Bohrok are one of my favorite parts of G1, and I’d love to see them re-imagined in G3. Anyway, like I said, this looks great. Can’t wait to see the other five.

Not yet, but there was a really different pitch for them that the cast seemed to like.

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Could you post a link?

Here you go;

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No problem.

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Hey Ragdoll, can you please stop making me feel very inadequate in my abilities?

I think his forearms should be a little more bulky, but otherwise no complaints.

Good colors, Great design but… Will he be hiding under box’s a lot?

i like the design for him. The “hood” design for Lerahk’s body i love especially, because it makes it look like he is wearing a jacket

which makes me thing that this theme would be playing when Lerahk’s around:

Actually, that would be a cool thing to see, Lerahk getting his own street gang.

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Imo design seems hard to animate. It has alot of small purple detailing which might be hard to animate.

If I get the Animation style right.

And I have seen my fair share of Animation.

I think that they will use a very smple system to get the job done.

meaning very little frames and very little actual drawing.