Lessia, Farmer

Croc farmer with freckles. I guess this’ll be the my first post here.
Her name is Lessia I mean, technically she’s a member of a race of farmers but I wont get into that right now.
Edit: for got the axe pic.


This is neat! But I am so curios how you attached that duplo croc head!!?

its illegal

Then use something else. A Miru would fit nicely there

Oh man I love it!

Very good MOC and photography. I would like to see it from the back though.

But that’s the point of the whole moc, its funny cause it has a duple head.


Yeah, but it’s illegal. I encourage the usage of legal techniques.

But the point is that she is a crocodile. You could go custom, but the point is that it looks funny with the duplo head.

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I agree with @Ahkmou here. Yes illegal techniques aren’t the best, but you can’t say it doesn’t look good here


i’m pretty sure if I posted a pic from behind i’d get crucified here


At the same time, it’s no mystery how it’s built. Due to how gappy the overall construction is you can see pretty much every piece.