Lest We Forget Season 2

"Lest We Forget" is a story serial I've been working on for a while, and I recently finished up season 1.
Season 1 can be found here: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/lest-we-forget/14603
I'll be uploading episodes every Saturday (or at least I'll try to), starting tomorrow, so now is the perfect time to catch up if you're interested in reading about an alternate universe where the Metru Nui was invaded during an all-out war, and where Teridax isn't necessarily the biggest bad guy.


imma read this tonight.

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Season 2 Episode 1:

The first few months after I became a Toa were, for the most part, uneventful. I found my way out of the Archives, and was told very few made it out. Just several Ussal and a few Archivists, though Nimrut was nowhere to be found. We spent some time fixing up the Archives, although most of it is still flooded, and I met the other Toa formally. I told them of the Toa of Stone I met in the Archives, but no one in the Toa Mangai seemed to recognize my description. Toa Lhikan, the leader of the Toa Mangai, told me that I must be part of a new Toa team, with a new destiny. I told him about the five other stones I saw the strange Toa of Stone in possession of, but he insisted that my Toa team was still destined to be, even if the other Makoki stones were lost in the Archives.

I would learn to trust Lhikan’s word over the first few months of knowing him, as he spent much time training me to use my elemental powers, and taught me about the Toa Code. For some reason though, my Kanohi didn't work after I left the Archives. Lhikan said it was a mental barrier, that the tragedy of losing so many in the Archives scarred me, and that my mask could sense my anxiety. He told me that the connection between a Toa and their Kanohi is symbiotic, the mask triggering by request, not by command. Lhikan had a way with words, everything he said carried great weight and meaning. Training under him was a privilege; I owe him much, and I will never be able to repay it all. Lhikan was not only a great teacher, but he was one of my closest friends. I only wish he were alive today to see the monument we made for him and all the others. He would never approve of a golden Hau being put at the top of the monument, he was far too humble, but he deserves that spot. I would like to think it will shield us without Lhikan the same way it did with him.


Season 2 Episode 2:

Destral, as close as you could get to Karzahni’s Realm without actually being there. We hate this place, {Part of the reason why I took the assignment of hunting down Matoran in the first place} but it is necessary that we come here to confer with our master. {We can't be too careful in these uncertain times} We could taste the difference in the air here, as if even the waters around the island sensed the coming darkness. Even the Makuta who didn't know of our master's plot seemed to be on edge. The only people who weren't tense, it seemed, were the Toa Hagah that stood guard at the fortress gates. {Poor fools, they would be the first to die when my master’s plan goes into action}

“This is the second time, Durantaz. First, the Matoran of Earth that you let become a Toa, and now a Matoran of Iron that knows he is being hunted. We will not tolerate failure again, twin-mind.”
“We are sorry, master, but we have a plan. Gorast, the Makuta there…”
“Gorast does not know our plans, and I’m afraid that her favor for Teridax makes her untrustworthy, and a target. My rival has been trying to usurp me since he helped to defeat the League of Six Kingdoms, and he is cunning and skillful. Any Makuta who allies themselves with him cannot be trusted.”
“Of course, Lord Miserix, we understand that. {However, I have history with Gorast, she will listen to me.}”
“Do not underestimate Teridax’s charisma or intelligence, nor that of his allies. You will have to let this one go, for I have a more important task for you. The Onu-Matoran you gave the Makoki stone to in the Archives of Metru Nui has become… problematic. The trap you set near the Suva triggered, but did not kill him, and now he seeks to create a new team of Toa. Metru Nui must not gain a second Toa team, or our invasion will not succeed. As such, I have advanced my schedule. Tomorrow, I announce my plan, and we invade Metru Nui. While I prepare things here for a civil war, you must find an entry point for our invasion. Do not fail me again, Durantaz.”
“Understood, master.”


The plot thickens.


This is getting really good. You are a great writer. But that's just an opinion, my opinion. :smile_cat:

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Thank you very much, you're all awesome for reading this. But that's just an opinion, my opinion.


Sorry for the late update guys, forgetfulness got the best of me.

Season 2 Episode 3:

Toa and Makuta, as a general rule, do not get along particularly well. The Makuta were the original peacekeepers of Mata Nui, as well as scientists and strategists. I was never told why we Toa were created, but the commonly held belief is that having redundant defenses is never a bad thing, and if one got out of hand the other would be there to stop them. As such, our very existence is competition for them, and Makuta are very competitive. Throw in pride on behalf of the Toa, and you start wondering how we manage to stay civil.

“What business does a Makuta like you have here on Metru Nui?” I heard Toa Nidhiki say to the strange being that showed up at the port. “We don't get many Makuta here, so I always just assumed that you were all anti-social.”
“Funny, I never thought I'd be called ‘anti-social’ by a Toa wearing a Volitak,” the being responded. He was tall, much taller than a normal Toa, and had a bulkier look. His titan-sized armor was dark gray and black, with accents of red, a color scheme I had never heard of a Toa or Matoran wearing. Just being around him made me feel a sense of palpable dread, like any second the sky would turn black just due to his presence.
“I'm sure you aren't just here to say ‘hello,’ so tell me, what can the Toa Mangai do for you?” Nidhiki responded, with a hint of sarcasm. I think his undisciplined and unconventional attitude helped to even out Lhikan’s noble and traditional style.
“It's not what you can do for me, it's what I can do for you. I have important news, but this is neither the time nor the place. Gather the Toa and Turaga Dume, tell them it is vitally important, but don't make a fuss. It would be best to keep this news and my visit quiet until you hear what I have to say,” the being said before drifting into the shadows.
“What was he? I've never seen anything like him before.” I asked Nidhiki.
“That was a Makuta, they're peacekeepers like us, but they've been around longer, and spend most of their time doing experiments now. That one was Makuta Teridax, he masterminded the defeat of the League of Six Kingdoms. Lhikan knows all this history stuff better than I do, ask him sometime.” Nidhiki answered quickly before starting to leave. As he was walking away, he stopped and turned back, “What are you waiting for? We have an important matter to attend.”
“But… I am not a member of the Toa Mangai, surely he meant to meet with the protectors of Metru Nui, not-”
“Trust me, you don't want to miss out on whatever this is. Makuta only venture outside of their caves if something big is going on. Now c’mon, let's get the other Toa.”

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Groovy Chapter man. Things are getting even more interesting.

I tend to have really long exposition periods with stories I write, so the main action won't happen 'til about Season 3, I'm afraid. Lots of build-up plot happens though, so look forward to that.

I don't mind slow build ups as long as they're done right, and so far you have been doing a great job at that.

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That actually means a lot, I know the Tolkien style of spending a whole book on exposition and non-plot-related world-building isn't exactly popular or exciting, but it's good to know you think it's interesting so far!

No worries, I tend to forget stuff like that too.

I also happen to like stories that has a lot of buildup. Not sure if you've read any Tom Clancy books, but those happen to be among my favourite books, and they have a lot of buildup before any action sequence.

Oh, and this is getting more and more intriguing.

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I love Tom Clancy books, he's a huge inspiration of mine.


Season 2 Episode 4:

The whole island knew when Lhikan fell. Not just because news travels quickly here, but because a Toa Nova can be seen from just about anywhere. First, there was a tall pillar of fire, reaching toward the sky, then a massive wave of explosive flame. It engulfed the entirety of Ga-Metru, instantly vaporizing the waters there, and left a cover of smoke and steam over Ga-Metru for months. The ball of fire the Nova created lasted for several minutes, and the entire island could feel the heat from the orange-white flame. The explosions continued to occur inside the fiery sphere for its duration, and when it faded, so did the warmth and light that Lhikan brought to Metru Nui.

The back chambers of the coliseum where we had gathered were dead silent. The news that the Makuta called Teridax brought was enough to stop all conversation. After a while, everyone still contemplating what had just been said, Lhikan spoke up.
“Why?” His question was simple, and uncharacteristically short, but it was the question on everyone's minds.
“Miserix is not satisfied with his role, I'm afraid. He has seen Mata Nui’s power, and believes he can take it. Metru Nui is about important location, if Metru Nui falls, it could mean catastrophic things for the Great Spirit.” Teridax responded, with a slight quiver in his voice.
“Then we must not wait! The longer we sit here discussing this the more time the Brotherhood has to prepare!” Shouted Toa Tuyet, an impatient and fairly vocal Toa of Water.
“We will not resort to attacking the Brotherhood. If what Teridax says is true then we must focus on defending the Matoran of Metru Nui.” Responded Lhikan, shutting down the Toa of Water with an assertive tone. “However, I doubt our small group of Toa will be a match against the entire Brotherhood. Nidhiki will quietly gather the Toa in the Southern Continent, and-”
“That won't be necessary, Toa of Fire.” Teridax interrupted. “I have many followers in the Brotherhood, and I know that when Miserix announces his plan that they will fight to the last to defy him.”
“So how do you know that Miserix is going to attack us if he hasn't told any of the Makuta yet?” Questioned a skeptical Toa of Ice.
“I have my ways.” The armored giant said, dismissing the question.
Then Nidhiki spoke up, “Whatever’s going on at Destral, it can't hurt to have more security, however gathering the Toa from the Southern Continent might unnecessarily alarm the Matoran. The last thing we need right now is an island’s worth of panicking Matoran. But what about a Toa team made up of fellow Matoran, and led by a particular Toa of Earth we know?”
“This is risky, are you sure you trust him on his own?” Tuyet responded, after a pause.
“It is indeed risky, but I trust Nidhiki’s judgement, and I trust our new friend.” Lhikan replied, putting a hand on my shoulder. “How would you like to go after those Makoki stones in the Archives, and have your own Toa team?”


Things are getting really, really interesting now.



A day late, but I think it'll be worth it. The first action to really happen so far is here, though it's nothing compared to what's planned for Season 3.

Season 2 Episode 5:

Makuta politics are such ugly business. {Even before my master announced his plan the Makuta were scheming and plotting against each other} all vying for power in the Brotherhood. Now, all of those hidden, unspoken alliances came out in full, and for the first time since the Usurper, Makuta killed Makuta. Those who were loyal to Miserix fought against those loyal to Teridax, {and those who did not wish to pick sides stayed in the shadows, with Icarax as their guard} Icarax would follow whoever was stronger, {just like I would} but he would only follow the strongest because he wanted a challenge for when he made his grab at power. All Makuta knew Icarax’s plan, but none other than Miserix or Teridax would likely defeat him in battle, {and they found him far too useful to kill}

The fighting started slowly, with Makuta Spiriah questioning Miserix {only to be cut down by Miserix’s enforcer, Hormahk} Then groups came together, {mostly those loyal to Teridax} and the fighting broke out all across the fortress. {Every Makuta had been called back to Destral for the announcement} The Toa Hagah had disappeared just prior to Miserix’s announcement, an issue we would have to deal with later. {In order to ensure that I would survive to fulfill my mission, I stayed with Icarax, and took note of the Makuta there} Krika, an interesting one, was with us, along with a megalomaniac called Antroz, and a bumbling weirdo who goes by Bitil. There were others there as well, by when we saw the carnage outside, we stopped caring so much about who was in here with us started worrying about who was dying out there. {Gorast fought fiercely, even taking down one of Miserix’s better fighters, before Vamprah gutted her with his claws} We watched as Miserix absorbed Makuta into his being, and wondered where Teridax was. {Teridax’s followers fought so hard, but Miserix and his followers were more than a match for them without their leader} In a matter of hours, Teridax’s followers had all been killed or routed out. {The Makuta hiding with Icarax came back and bowed to Miserix’s rule, with a few exceptions, who I assume ran off and hid} The time to invade Metru Nui had finally come, and we had much work to do.


Yay A new chapter. Reads it, this was very entertaining.
It is just getting more and more interesting with each chapter. I am liking where this seems to be going.
Groovy read.

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You're gonna see some fun interactions between the Makuta in later seasons. Also, crazy fighting, death, and heroic acts that embody what it means to be a Toa. Also Teridax is true to his character, don't think he's gone soft.


Well, exams have been busy, and although I'm about three episodes ahead, I think it's best if I take a quick break. Here's an intermission episode to buy me a week to pass exams.

Season 2 Intermission:

Lhikan watched the horizon. He listened as the Silver Sea lightly caressed the cliffs of Ga-Metru. From the Great Temple where he sat, he could see for Kios out into the ocean. He pondered a while about what was to come, and recalled the Dark Hunter war. Only this time, he didn't have hundreds of Toa, he had a single Toa team, a lost Toa of Earth, and a Makuta he didn't entirely trust. He closed his eyes and his head sunk into his chest, remembering all the pain his team had been through.
“Lhikan, it's time to go.” Nidhiki called to him. Lhikan stood, placing two Madu leaves at the temple before finally leaving. The leaves rested on the bottom of a monument, with Kanohi engraved at the bottom. Lhikan spoke his goodbye silently. You will not be forgotten, but I hope no more will ever have to join you.

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