Letra, henchman of Sada

so this looks a little bit like another moc I've made :1234:

He also has gauntlets with large claws on it


I like the ideas, but the execution is a little lackluster. Here's my thoughts in a bullet point list:

  • Head could be done better.
  • Build is just an Inika build...nothing really exciting.
  • Grey as part of the color scheme when there's not much grey.
  • Needs more purple.
  • He's extremely under-armored, unless that was the intention. If it was, find other ways to pull that off.
  • Gaps in the body, legs, and arms.
  • Cool gauntlet idea, needs a more fulfilling build.
  • Cool name.

So, yea. I don't want to sound like I'm bashing you or the MOC, but it's really a watered down Inika build. I hope to see something cool come out of this, though!


ya i 100% agree you could basically consider this a rough draft :3

just finished a bit of a revamp I'm planning on making a post

Very simple,yet he looks pretty cool.

Well from what I can see it does look quite a bit better. Can't wait to see more of it!