Let's Create a Movie

okay here is how the game works
I own a Studio in Hollywood
and for our First Movie
I have chosen a Adjective and a Noun
and you must make a Idea for a film from the two words
whoever has the best Idea shall be giving control over the next Film and he then must choose the best Idea for that film (only using a Adjective and a Noun)
You can also choose Actors (from real life or just people on the boards)
they can be a short sentence or a entire description
and also a Genre

then here are the Adjective and Noun
Amused Snakes
now make me a idea for a movie


A romance story, two snakes meet at a comedy club and a budding romance starts between them
Tom solek (snake male)- tom hardy
Sneekysnek (snake female)- scarlet Johansen


Liam Neeson plays a Rattlesnake in a snake version of Every single one of his movies His many daughters have all been captured by owls, and he must go where no snake has gone before to get them back


Two bored snakes decide to throw a circus and amuse kids: The only problem is that they suck at it! so now they have to find a new way to amuse both themselves and the kids or else they will lose their job and be bored forever!

Starring Rob Schneider and Payton List!

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Two snakes are best friends, and comedians.
But sadly, the age of comedy is ending, ant their acts are pushed out by mediocre rappers.
They must fight there way to the top in this inspiring tale of two snakes with one dream.

Its two snakes telling storys about there amusing lives. While in a bar.
It will have many funny jokes that simply are funny because snake
Example: snake trys to brush teeth but because its a snake it has no arms what will it do

An action comedy starring 3 snakes that takes place in a giant, secret base, made of dried feces, surrounded by water, in space! They have to steal the magic orby orb of doom before Political Slime destroys the universe! Along the way, they meet Chronicler, in his quest to eradicate all double posts. Will they be able to beat the clock in this super confusing mess of a plot?! Find out next time, on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Ketar (Snake) - Eljay
Solek (Snake) - Mesonak
Jim Davis (Snake) - Emma Watson
Political Slime - Chronicler
Chronicler - Political Slime


Two out of work buddies chat about horror stories from their previous jobs.

One of them was a muse, and the other played a snake on a crime show.

It is filled with horrible stretched and forced jokes, that kinda don’t work and nonsense showing that the writers don’t have a great grip on reality.

TTV: The Movie

starring Adam Sandler as everyone


the guy who is triggered it is a good idea
winter guy aged three hundred and forty five nice idea
ninja guy good choice
robin cosplayer guy it seems semi mediocre
mr mar it seems good
shushi guy great idea
king lobster I might watch that
get out of my office you japanese cartoon guy
I am giving the rights to @Sushiyoda
now pick a adjective and noun


:star2::zap:Magic Walrus :fire::star2:

A walrus with a scar on his forehead joins an aquatic school for magic. This movie will make such much money that it will pay off the plagiarism lawsuits.

Staring Adam Sandler and who ever is popular on Disney channel right now.

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A Walrus has convinced his friend that he is magic, but now a sorceror threatens his land his friends look to him to defeat it, so the walrus must learn real magic, or the sorceror will feast on blubber
Starring: Keven James, Adam Sandler, and Peter Dinklige

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A man magical turns into a walrus and he has to go about his every day life as a walrus with funny forced jokes like stairs and brushing his teeth and other funny things

A crazy dude wearing NOTHING but a walrus skin, running around proclaiming himself as the magic man.

It switches between the crazy psychedelic world of magic man, and the glum world of reality…

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@EvilLobsterKing wins! Happy Lobsterfest!

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Notebook, Keyboard, Dinosaur and Mug.
I totally didn’t just look around my desk…


Don’t you have to pick 1 noun and 1 adjective? @Whaddon

I read the rules, and I don’t think it says you have to pick on noun and and one adjective, just this…

Oh, okay then.

An intelligent notebook, that is shaped like a dinosaur, and uses a keyboard, has to fight the evil mugger, Eljay, a mug who wears a mask, and invites kids to sketchy parks.