"Let's remake Chima"

Aight guys, let's do it. Let's *remake* Chima

So, Kahi said that in at least one episode of the Chima Coverages. So I got inspired. Here's how I think the series could've been done more properly, just with single episode pitches, starting with 1. If you guys have like, better ideas than I, please go ahead.

So, episode starts off, and it's a Market day, like we've been shown in the series proper before. And like, this sets up all our tribes and characters. Y'know, have Laval and Cragger and Eris all hanging out being friends, cut the bears from the series entirely, have Razar and co. trying to rip people off, show some Wolves like, playfighting or just regular fighting, etc, etc.

And then, during this Market day, there's like, an old people/Tribe Elder like meeting, or just a general conversation. Y'know, Crominus, Lagravis, all them. And they can be like reminiscing,hinting that Chima's been through some rough patches, had some hard times, like the Wolves' Alpha Days(When all the males fought for control and leadership. This way we keep the Pledge from the official show, for later).

And then, Lagravis makes an offhanded comment like: "Before, we've been through hard times, but now! Now we've more Chi than we can even distribute!" Or something like that. This will sow seeds of doubt in Crominus, who begins to get the idea that the Lions might be hording Chi, keeping more for themselves. He is shifty eyed, silent, and suspicious for the rest of their chat.

Market day ends, at like, sunset, and all the tribes head out, establishing the vehicles and stuff that could've been like, in the background, or parked all around during the Market itself. Show Laval and friends saying goodbyes, everything's happy, aight.

Then, cut to the Croc Base. Show Crominus making a deal with a Raven.(Rizzo, Razcal, or Rawzom, whoever.)

Crominus has the Raven fly over and spy on the Lion Temple. However, before he can do anything, he's figured out, and caught. And then Lagravis is like: "What are you doing here!?"

The Raven, fearing for his life, informs Lagravis that he was sent there by Crominus, to spy on them. The Lions are a bit upset, fearful of an attack, but suddenly more hostile to the captured Raven. He flies away and escapes the temple.

When he returns to Crominus, the Raven says something along the lines of: "Well, my friend, I was spotted and captured before I could learn anything, but they were very hostile. Like they were hiding something, yes?"

And so Crominus, feeling his suspicion validated, orders all troops to gather Chi Orbs and get to vehicles, ending the episode with a worried look of Cragger, who heard everything, and a grand shot of the croc army moving out.

So yeah. That's how I'dve done Chima episode one. Episode 2 would have the confrontation of just Crocs vs. Lions, no Ravens, Wolves, Eagles, or Gorillas yet. They would've entered the battle in later episodes.


I'm thinking of writing something way later about a reboot of Chima


Okay, here goes, episode 2 of my attempt at a remake.

Alright, so episode starts off where episode 1 left off, with the Croc army driving and marching towards Lion Temple. In doing so, they pass by Gorilla territory. Gorzan, not being an idiot in this version, notices that the Crocs are heading towards the Lions armed for war, and rushes through the trees and vines like a Le-Matoran to warn the Lions.

Meanwhile, on the way there, Cragger and Crominus have a conversation, going something like "Dad, why are we attacking the Lions? And what did you need that Raven for?" And so Crominus is all like "Well, I am positive that the Lions are withholding Chi from the tribes, and so we're going to...confront them about it." And they continue their discussion, ultimately ending with Cragger agreeing with his father, and deciding that he needs to do what's right for his tribe, and for his family.

Cut to the Lion Temple, Gorzan running up the stairs to see Laval. Laval asks Gorzan why he's so high strung, and came there running. Gorzan tells Laval that the Crocs are mounting an attack. And while Laval can't believe it, Lagravis, having heard this, orders all Troops and vehicles in defensive positions.

So, the Lions are all ready, weapons and vehicles aimed as they wait for the attackers Battle of Hoth style, with barricades and trenches, and the drawbridge is closed off, and it's just total defense. And then, bursting through the trees, lasers flying through the air, the Lions completely taken aback by their sheer numbers.

As it turns out, in the battle, both Cragger and Laval are on the ground forces, each in the divisions using Melee weapons, and in the fight, they come across each other. Laval questions why Cragger and the crocs are doing this, only to be surprised at the anger with which Cragger responds, saying that he knows how the Lions have been withholding Chi. Laval hasn't heard anything about this, and their further talk, all while fighting, begins to plant doubt in Cragger about whether his father's right or not.

However, I haven't forgotten about Gorzan. While the battle's been going on, he's gone for backup and reinforcements, a large group of Gorilla mechs showing up to break up the combat, ending with Crominus calling for retreat, as the Crocs flee the site of the battle, with a reluctant Cragger, being one of the last to get to a tank.

The episode ends with Laval looking into the sunset, wondering if maybe what Cragger said was true, and that if it wasn't would he have to fight him, and all that stuff.

So yeah, there's that. I'm pretty happy with it myself.


Would it involve a whole new cast of main characters like Laval's son or daughter and Cragger's son or daughter (as well as an older Wonald, G'loona and Flinx)?

Are the Lions or the Crocodiles the villains in your LEGO Legends of China remake story [I want for it to be please, please, please be the Lions who are the villains (at least in the first season)!!!]???

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Probably not, it would involve a squirrel-beaver main protagonist


Well, thing is: Neither side is truly "the bad guys"

The Crocs are too suspicious, so they are at fault for attacking the Lions.

But Lagravis and the Lions will turn out to indeed be guilty of what Crominus thinks. But, y'see, they did it because they were worried of an attack such as the one Crominus ordered.

So it's like, a grey and grey thing.


Oh, that would be an interesting idea! Who would be the main antagonist?


I think the main protagonist will be both good and bad in some cases, but then again, this whole story is probably Biocraft away, or whenever I feel like I can take a break from writing on DeviantArt.

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Therefore, they are both neutral in moral alignment – but am I right about this???

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Are you, by chance...one Steven Villman?

But sorta. I wanna make it to where it's less about tribes and more on individuals. There are heroes and villains in every tribe, basically.

So while Crominus and Crooler are more hostile and eager to attack, Crunket and Cragger are more reluctant, and unsure, and Crawley and Crug simply don't know who to follow.

While Lagravis may be wise, he's old and weary, having lived through many conflicts, lost many friends, so of course he prepares for the worst, even if it means going against the rules he preaches so widely.

Stuff like, that yeah, you could say that both are neutral.

Oh, so it occurred to me that I should probably give the episodes names. I think I'll call episode 1 "Before the Storm." Kinda generic, but I think it fits. Episode two, I will call "A Land Divided" for obvious reasons.

Now, while I write the story of Chima for the better(As far as I can tell), I will not rewrite Lego as smarter. So we're stuck with all 20 episodes for the first arc. I'll try to stop it from becoming filler too much.

Here we go, Episode 3: "Allies and Enemies."

We open on Crominus sitting upon his throne, still very upset over his previous failure. Cragger walks in, as he desires to question their new goal to attack the lions. Crominus in return asks why Cragger has doubts, and he answers because Laval seemed unaware of anything shady with the Chi, and that he isn't so sure about attacking someone he considered a friend.

Crominus assures him that he knows Lagravis, and that this seems like something he'd do. He also brings up that Laval "Likely knows as much about the affairs of Lion Elders as a Gorilla." This brings him back to the battle, where the Gorillas were the only reason for their retreat. That's when he decides that he needs allies of his own. And so Crominus goes with Crawley and Crug to the Den of the Wolves, while he assigns Crooler to take Cragger with her to the Raven Junkyard.

At lion Temple, meanwhile, the Lions and gorillas are discussing the matter of whether or not they can be counted on to support each other, and both agree. Afterwards, Laval questions his father on what Cragger told him. Are the lions hiding extra Chi?

The answer is no, according to Lagravis, and he walks off on that, going to discuss things with the other Lion Elders. Longtooth instructs Laval that he is to go to Eagle Spire, to secure Aerial support should the Crocs attack again. Laval and Gorzan go do that.

Crominus arrives at the Wolf Camp, and is greeted with all he walks past bowing in his honor. When he arrives to the largest tent, he sees Worriz, Windra, and Wilhurt in discussion, but all bow in respect when Crominus enters. It is established that Worriz is not a leader, per say, but more something like a "Speaker of the Pack." One member of the collective pack who handles inter-tribe affairs. Crominus is assured that the Wolves will support Crominus in his efforts, as the Wolves never cared for the lions anyway.

Meanwhile, at Raven Junkyard, Crooler explains to Cragger that the Ravens have no solitary leader, as they are ruled by a network of private businesses, all covering different things. One sells vehicles, another weapons, one sells parts, etc, etc. The heads of the biggest of these Businesses, Rawzom, Rizzo, Razcal, and Razar make the big decisions.

Crooler, with Cragger watching, makes negotiations, agreeing that the Ravens will swear loyalty to the Crocs, so long as they get the ownership of anything of value within the Lion Temple outside the Chi itself, once they've conquered it. and that their businesses will not be hampered in any way by this alliance. The Ravens agree to these terms, and Crooler asks that Cragger leave the room.

Cragger, not very involved in the first place, leaves and goes exploring the Raven Junkyard, seeing all sorts of artifacts and commodities from other tribes for sale all around the Yard, as well as a racetrack. Cragger, always good with a Speedor, comes across Razar for the first time. Razar says that there is a fee for racing on the track, but Cragger finds it outrageous. Razar makes a deal with him. He can race for free, only if he wins. Should he lose even once, he'll pay Double for that race. Razar and co. plan to let him win the first few races, and then cheat him out of the later few victories, a classic gambling trick

Cragger is doing well, but meanwhile, Crooler pays the Ravens extra, making a deal that while the Ravens will do as they agreed, should the orders of Crooler ever contradict with Crominus, they will be loyal to her, foreshadowing her betrayal and takeover gambit.

The episode ends on a shot of Laval and Gorzan looking up at the sheer height of the Eagle Spire.

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I use itailcs and/or bold text for emphaises, especially when there is a lot of text in my comments.

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I just wanna say, for these first 4 episodes, I expect that like, 1+2 would be aired together, and then 3+4 would be aired together. So that's why 3 ended on a small cliffhanger.

But without further ado, here is episode 4: "Stone Cold Stone Breakers"

At Eagle Spire, Eris and another Eagle arrive at the bottom to bring Laval and Gorzan inside, to speak with the tribe as a whole, to enlist their help and alliance. Inside the Spire, we learn that like the Wolves, the Eagles have no set leadership. Everyone is equal, and everything is shared.

So the Eagles are told of what has happened, how the Crocs attacked, believing that the Lions were hoarding Chi. One Eagle, it could be anyone, a generic asks something along the lines of "Well...were you?" Laval of course says no, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Cut to Cragger at the Raven Track. He's on his third Race, and he's had perfect victories all three times, never once losing 1st Place. Race four, and Razar decides that now's the time. Cragger very quickly is outsped by the Ravens, who are now using all sorts of hidden shortcuts throughout the Junkyard track, and taking every opportunity to knock Cragger about, slow him down. Suffice to say, Cragger isn't happy about this, and begins to get agressive himself, going so far as to wreck the Ravens' Speedors, making them Crash into Junk or go flying off the Course, until it's just him and Razar, with the latter having secured a big lead.

Using what he saw from the Ravens on previous laps, he makes his way through several shortcuts, until he's almost caught up with Razar. Razar, fearing a loss of profit, pulls out a blaster, and attempts to shoot Cragger's Speedor of the track. Cragger manages to swerve and dodge most of the shots, but is quickly losing patience. He pulls his trademark Spear from his back, and throws it at Razar's speedor, forcing him to jump from it, giving Cragger his fourth, and final victory.

Crooler then leaves the building she had been having her dealings in, and the two set off back to the Croc Swamp.

At Wolves' Camp, Crominus orders Crawley and Crug to drive to the Quarry, while Crominus returns to the Swamp.

Back at Lion Temple, Lagravis oversees several large containers of Chi moved for distribution, but oddly enough, one Generic Lion checking the inventory notices one container missing. Lagravis dismisses it, saying it was likely just an error in the list. He then calls for Longtooth and Leonidas. They are to head to the Quarry.

Lagravis predicts that Crominus has in mind the same tactic as he does, recruit other tribes for backup. He knows he cannot get the loyalty of the Ravens, and that the Wolves would sooner tear him to shreds. The only other tribe, the 7th tribe, will be able to tip the scales in the balance of forces. And so Longtooth and Leonidas set out for the Quarry.

Crawley, Crug, Leonidas, and Longtooth all arrive at the same time. The four realize what the other faction is here for, and so they begin fighting, ensuring that only one faction will gain the aid of the Seventh Tribe. However, these Tribesman make themselves known, several of them making their way to see the Lions and Crocs duking it out. The Rhinos enter the fray, each one of the four combatants now being faced with new foes, Rhinos.

Longtooth manages to get some words in to Rogon, his foe, about why they are here. Rhinos, here, are not complete morons like in the show. While they are not brightest of tribes, they still have some wits about them. Rogon reveals that the Rhinos don't care who they have to fight, so long as they get to. As such, they cannot make a decision as for who to join.

Crawley, hearing this news, grabs Crug as they make their escape. Longtooth and Leonidas follow suit. The Rhinos congratulate each other on a fight well had, even if it didn't last as long as they had hoped, returning into the Quarry letting the audience see the overview shot of all sorts of reckless combat and brutal things going on, Rhinos bashing their heads against anything, rocks, vehicles, each other, and all sorts of stuff like that.

Cut back to Eagle Spire, where Ewald says to Laval that they will agree to help the lions, answering their roar whenever it is heard.

Our last cut is to Crominus, who is told by Crawley and Crug of how the Rhinos will help neither side. Crominus slams his fist into the arm of his throne, and begins growling in frustration. With only wolves and ravens, Crominus knows that his forces will be matched against the Lions, Eagles, and Gorillas, who he knows have already sided with the Lions.

Just wanna point out, in this remake, the Bears don't exist. Nor do the Beavers. While I liked the Beavers, they didn't have sets, so I didn't feel the need to complicate things by including them, and I just plain don't care for the Bears.


This seems dead as a doornail, but I figure I'll just drop something here. Keep Sir Fangar. Like, all of him.(save, maybe, the awkward shoehorned in immaturity moments required of all chima characters) He made Chima actually interesting.


Agreed. I have been watching the show and he is the only good part.

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It is a shame this seems dead. I would love to see more of this. I hope one day you continue it...

...On a side note, I once contemplated the idea of writing my own Chima remake. However it would kind of dark and gritty with the tribes being gangs and chi as a drug. Maybe someday my idea will be realised...


Oh no...

that was already the thing...


Wait, really? I never knew that. Do you know were I could find it?


Just look up "Lego legends of chima" and then watch the episodes..

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