Let's Talk About Drinks

Talk about your favourite beverages, preferrably non-alcoholic. What’s your favourite fizzy drink? Do you have any drinks you can’t stomach? How do you like your water?

Out of all drinks, I like mango lassi the most. It’s a simple yoghurt drink with mango, often served in Indian restaurants. I suppose a part of why I like it so much is because I like Indian food.

While mango lassi is my favourite, I consume coffee and Coca-Cola the most. For the most part, I take my coffee black, either espresso or machine drip. I’ve been meaning to buy myself an aeropress just to make the brewing process faster and to have a way to brew coffee on hikes. I usually have some nazi chocolate with me on hikes, but more caffeine is always a good thing. I don’t feel alive if my heart isn’t playing the intro to Hot For Teacher. Man Not Himself Until He Has So Much Coffee He Feels Like He’s Going To Die


Here’s to raw milk :stuck_out_tongue:


Coke helps me get through tougher days
I’ve got really good water
I don’t really like coffee, makes me feel really dry
Even though I shouldn’t be drinking Mojitos are great
I like almost all fruit juices, Watermelon, lemon and orange are my favorites
I like milk but I can’t drink too much or bad stuff happens inside
Did I mention watermelon juice is great
I can’t stand the Chinese herbs my mom makes me drink when I get sick but I’ve gotten pretty used to it

Water is best drink. Water is life.
Most mornings I’d make myself a drink from apples, milk, and bananas.
I like my coffee strong and black.
When it comes to soft drinks, Dr. Pepper all the way man. Any type of root beer is one of my occasional pleasures, but I don’t drink it too much. Mtn Dew is pretty cew.
I hate beer. It tastes like stale water. Get it away from me.


That floating fat, so good. Did you know that reindeer milk, which people can actually drink, is about 20 per cent fat?

I haven’t tried watermelon juice. Dumb question, but how much does it taste like watermelon?

Mtn Dew is the best sauna drink, otherwise I find it too sweet.


Water forever.

And sweet tea or chocolate milk on occasion.

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Hmmm. Luv mtn dew. I also like Milk, water, gatorade, caprisun,dr pepper, and then hot cocoa. Maybe sweet tea

Blood. So good.


It’s like watermelon except without the seeds and chewing


One can’t buy raw milk in Maryland, so my family had to go to Pennsylvania to get it.

I currently live in Texas, and we only have to drive about 30 minutes to get it now.

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Milk and Pink Lemonade. Nothing else.

Can’t stand carbonated drinks.

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I live on milk. I doubt it’s a coincidence that I’ve never broken a bone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Diet anything is horrible in my books.
Dr. Pepper and Root Beer are pretty swell though.


I dislike any and all sodas, coffee tastes gross to me, juices are just meh, and I do not enjoy drinking milk on its own.

Water is basically all I drink, unless the option is unavailable.

I don’t like most fizzy drinks, so I don’t drink Coke, Pepsi, or anything else like that (I can drink Dr. Pepper if it is one of the only things available, but it’s not my first choice). I prefer water, sweet tea (really sweet), lemonade, or milk. Oh, and orange juice.

Hot chocolate is good in the winter.

I can drink coffee and tea if I have a lot of sugar or honey available as well.

Water and for the most part, Sprite on the occasion I drink some pop. I can’t stand coffee right now, but as part of my quest to acquirer the taste for all foods and drinks, I am trying to change that.

I’ll drink cherry Pepsi if I have trouble sleeping because caffeine makes me tired :P.

water’s pretty good

I can’t stand soda as it hurts my tongue.

I prefer Lemonade, Orange Juice, and Water. With no ice

Um my obsession is Dr Pepper.

Oh wait ya’ll probably didn’t get the Skillet ref so I’ll be honest I like Mountain Dew.

I am a freak for Mountain Dew and Coca Cola. I actually have a ■■■■■ for both.