Let's Talk About TTV Talks About Relationships!

I certainly didn't see this topic coming.

I TOTALLY just watched the episode. I totally aren't saying anything of value here because I know nothing about the topic I just created. Totally. =P

So, thoughts?


I really liked the discussion, and found it very interesting! I'm not what you call a relationship expert, but I agreed with much of what they were saying. Also, did anyone else think that Viper's voice was really quiet?


i want part 2


I really liked this discussion so far too! I'm looking forward to part 2 smile

I can't wait for Venom's story

It's because 5 minutes before the episode my mother came in and said she needed sleep and didn't want to be disturbed by me talking, so I lowered my voice. Also, I was very nervous about this TTVT because the situation I spoke about have only just been resolved, so my voice was probably affected by that too.


I feel like they were half right on certain subjects.
Like for example they said that the friendzone was stupid because it's only people who are mad because this person they like doesn't like them back.
However, there's another thing about the friendzone, for example a man was being nice to this woman and she knew it was because he liked her, so she manipulated that by basically saying "You do my work for me, and I'll think about having a relationship with you."
And those are both examples of the friendzone. I mean, yeah, it's kinda stupid on one end, but you can't ignore that sometimes people are manipulated into believing they have a chance by people who want free things.


I see. Understandable.

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All I can say is that Old-man Takuma has it right.


Same here

I swear, I have a mate just like the guy Viper described. He's really awkward and hits on girls a lot, some of them being my friends.
One particular friend accidentally gave him more than a 'glimmer of hope' because she thought he just wanted to be her friend and was really nice to him. I had to break it to him eventually that she wasn't interested, and the poor lad lashed out like a bull in a freaking bullring, practically bit my head off.
I've can also relate to Takuma's 'interception' job. I've had to do that for the aforementioned female friend, even had to physically be a barrier between her and a very interested bloke (who actually later became one of my best friends).
Basically, I relate to a good deal of the episode.


Yay! More British folks! stuck_out_tongue

He lashed out at you because you were the one to break the news to him?


Yeah, he said that I didn't know anything and pretty much blamed me.

Also, I'm not actually British in the same way Viper is, I live in America, but I'm of mostly Scottish blood. Basically, I use British words and spellings, but I have an American accent. stuck_out_tongue


All I can say is, I am 100% with Takuma. Also, I'm very happy with everyone's general agreement.


Down with the British! stuck_out_tongue

You are an amazing person for that fact alone
I rate you a solid 10/10


Is this the British bloke topic now?

Come on, keep things on topic will ya and we can all enjoy some custard creams later.


This is the first TTV talks episode that I had to pause several times and comment on.

I'll go with the majority and say I agree with Takuma. And I can't wait for part 2.



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Dating tips with venom
Tip#1: call your girlfriend a sexy mama

I probably shouldn't be poking fun like this, but venom's "advice" caught me off gaurd.