Levon V1

Hey look, it's another mediocre MOC by Novel that re-uses the only things he knows how to do.


Sorry for the crappy weapon. The glatorian neck that I used for his shoulder I realized was crap and couldn't hold anything up, and I was too lazy to change it.

The only thing I'm proud of is the torso, and even then the shoulders aren't as rigid as I'd like them to be.

So yeah. Not too happy with this one. When I make mocs, I want them to be as functional as possible (strong limbs, sturdy torso, etc) and this guy has not too much of that.

He's also very heavy, unlike his namesake.



Alter-Novel has quite the plethora of odd greebles. Also it feels like he's hunching forward a little too far.

Otherwise not bad.

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He is very tall very very tall. I like tall

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He was originally supposed to be hunchbacked, but that was when I was gonna make him a "lost king of the north" kinda meme
He's hunched over cause he's too dang heavy :>


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The visorak legs on his shoulders and CCBS chest plates on his forearms look a bit off, but everything else flows together nicely.

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I personally think you should, because whilst he may not have the best functionality in the world, he looks fantastic

Shame he can't see what's in front of him. He'll never have to worry about walking into any puddles though.

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I have just realized that the main reason he was hunched over is because of the blanket he was on. It doesn't allow the little back thing on his feet to keep him upright.

I'll post a picture of him standing on a hard surface later.

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Like most of your mocs this looks really good.
Everything flows together nicely (especially the middle section).
My only problem is that the lower are very simple and don't seem to fit with the rest.

I know how you feel bro


Looks pretty great! The only thing that needs reworked is his arms; they're just so simple compared to the rest of him so they stand out. The upper arm looks decent, but the chestplates on his lower arms just don't look as good.

But yeah other than that it's pretty solid.

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I like the dual colors, especially the eyes.

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But please tell me you used "whilst" ironically

And yes, though I intend to re-do the torso due to the moderate rickety-ness of the shoulders, I do like the midsection.

The lower arms I did kinda rush, as I finished making this guy at 2PM one night.
When the inspiration strikes, you have to take advantage, y'know.


Welcome to Novel, my man.

hugs Jack
It's ok, man.
pats back.
It's ok.

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Very nice.

Hey here's that picture thingie. He's not hunched over as much.


He looks cool. I like how the accent color is split down the middle, looks really nice.
Also, the weapon does look kinda neat, in my opinion.

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Let me refer to previous me