Lewa 2015/16 Crossover

Since I both like and dislike aspects of Lewa 2015 and 2016, I decided to take my favourite parts of both and combine them into a personal ‘ultimate form’. Some new techniques were applied as well, so this isn’t simply a combo model. Please give your thoughts below :smile:

Left: Obligatory back shot. I’ll admit it looks a little unsightly.
There’s also a little G1 reference: I added the ‘ball’ that the original Lewa had on his torso.

The shoulder blades can be flipped to the front to look more similar to Lewa 2015.

The 2015 axes can also be switched to a variation on Lewa 2016’s tonfa-like weapons. The spare red axles can be placed in the connectors on his thigh armour.

And here’s Lewa with his Golden mask. Not great, but I think that’s because the gold doesn’t look particularly good with the bright green.

Hope Eljay likes this (sorry about the blue axles) :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been planning on doing this as well. (Seeing as how this is a hidden combiner model)

Your take on it is really good! I’m sure Eljay will like it (excluding the blue and red pins)

pretty cool, but a bit gappy around the shoulder area

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Let’s call this “Lewa Superlative”. Sound good?

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Nice MOC

Absolutely stunning

Oh cool. And it has both functions as well, groovy. Can he still unite?

Very nice. It is almost di-vine

Curse you Lego for changing Lewa’s element and making my puns stumble!

Seriously, his really does combine the best of both and I would be interested in seeing the other Toa.

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Unfortunately not, due to the gearbox on his back :frowning:

Thanks! I plan to work on Gali soon, followed by Kopaka and Tahu. I don’t have the other two Toa in their 2015 form so they won’t be happening, I’m afraid.

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