Lewa and Gali pitches

I’ve been super hyped about this G3 thing for a while–I was considering quite a few pitches pertaining to character personalities, esp. that of Vizuna/Lewa and Kivoda/Gali. I know their backstories are pretty much set, but I’ve been thinking of extra traits to add to them…for example, with Vizuna/Lewa having to steal for food and whatnot, I imagine she’s good at stealth, but not really at fighting, and is not only reluctant in her actions but also haunted by her parent’s deaths, and is driven to help others out throughout her village since she was unable to help them…as a result, she tries a little too hard to help, and sometimes causes mayhem throughout the village…kinda like Disney’s young Hercules? Furthermore, she forces herself to stay positive thanks to her parent’s last words or something…her being young and trying to help her parents but they say something along the lines of “Vizuna…don’t be sad” or even “Where’s my happy little girl…?” or something similar. Perhaps she has nightmares about her parents, too, which keeps this driving desire going. I also like the idea of her being a Robin Hood kind of character at times, not just stealing for herself but for others that can’t feed themselves either, perhaps. Additionally, when she gets her Toa powers, her desire to help thrives further, leading her into situations where she rushes in and gets into trouble often. As for Gali, I’d imagine her character as very reserved, not often showing any emotion that could maker be perceived as weak, but also incredibly sympathetic and likely to pull a character aside to provide counsel, helping the other Toa feel as though they can trust her over time. Sorry this is a lot of information to dump here, I don’t get the chance to be online often–I hope you guys like my pitches, and feedback is appreciated! You guys are awesome! :exx: