Lewa Minifig Concept

I’ve had been wanting to do something for TTV’s G3 project, so I started drawing concept art of Lewa.
But then TTV announced Lewa would be female, so I had to start over again…
So yeah, here’s my first draft.

So yeah… Not really much to say.
I’m totaly calling her “Shewa” :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty cool. I don’t know how other people feel but I like the red lines that go behind her eyes. Also, Shewa is an amazing name. Totally calling her that aswell.

If it’s still a WIP, I suggest more green on the torso. Also the lower chest looks like bandages, and the mouth it a bit creepy. Otherwise I like the idea here.

Finished my first draft:

This might be too late, I’m not sure if TTV have finalized the Lewa design. (I haven’t finished the latest podcast)

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Well this should happen

Nice job. Really likin’ the wraps around the upper arms/legs and the waist.

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