Lewa Nuva (Space Adapted Armor/Bio-Cup 2024 Preliminary Round Entry)

Hi everyone!

For a brief moment, Lewa Nuva, along with several others, were rudely jettisoned from the Matoran Universe by Teridax. As Lewa was wearing Adaptive Armor, his form would have adjusted to allow him to survive the vacuum of space. This is how I imagine him looking.

The model has an articulated waste in addition to the standard points of articulation. I have been wanting to build his space form for over a year, and I am very lucky that the preliminary round of the Bio-Cup coincided with this vision. I took some inspiration from real life astronaut spacesuits, which are covered in tubes. He was originally going to have two swords, but I liked the pose of him reaching out grab onto the other space-bound characters.

Hope you like him, and always, please leave any thoughts or critiques below.


That’s a great design with a nice color scheme. I like the wings on his back, and your poses look really good too!


@Bioman Thanks a lot! the posing was a little tricky, since he is a flying character, but it turned out OK in the end. the color scheme was a fun challenge, and I think the lime and silver naturally lean into a ‘space’ aesthetic. Thanks for commenting and glad you like him!


It is now canon in my eyes


@Bodi Thanks a lot! I really tried to design him in such a way that it would be plausible he would look like this. I’m working on his jungle form soon, too! Thank you for commenting.