Lewa Nuva upgrade


you might’ve needed to wait for the pics to upload before you post?

Sorry thought it uploaded.

Fixed it up.

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looks really nice, if a little bit on the skinny side. good work :smile:


This is a nice upgrade except those legs might be a bit skinny

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Pretty good.
Except for the mask, but you can’t really change that.
I just don’t like the Miru nuva.

not bad a bit gappy but not bad

The back of the thighs could do with more coverage.

The midsection is too thin. It makes it look like the lower ha;f of his body atrophied. Overall though, I think this has potential.

A very interesting take, good job :slight_smile:

The upper legs look a bit odd, but everything else works out fairly nice.

Looks interesting

The MOC has a lot of gaps, the thighs look a bit too thin and the back could use some work.