Lewa Plays Bloodborne (My New Bionicle Short)

This is my new and first video to my channel i would greatly appreciate it if some people could check it out and give me some feed back. I know im not the best at stop motion but i enjoy making it sooooo yeah.


The stop motion was decent. Other than that I can't say much I liked about this. Both the battle and the black screen before the RIP Matoran thing came up were too long. The story was nonsensical and seemed only meant to lead to Lewa killing the Matoran, which isn't explained or justified. Like, at all.

Also, Why exactly didn't you have Lewa touching the control stick?

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Lewa killed the matoran because he got frustrated while playing Bloodborne. It's a really hard game.

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but.... why? they did nothing to him. it just doesn't work as comedy.

Because of the rage, man.
Computers or keyboards don't do anything wrong either, but people decide to smash them anyways when they go into blind rage.

If he had smashed the game console, that might have been funny. Instead, you have him kill Matoran that did absolutely nothing too him. I mean, I've rarely seen someone in a blind rage go to another place and destroy something unrelated to what he's doing. If one of the Matoran had distracted him during the game, it again, could have worked.

It was exaggeration of the whole raging thing (like parody).
If he added dialogue into it, it would've been a bit more understandable and hilarious.

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but it just makes no sense.

If you rage, you destroy whatever's in the immediate vicinity, you don't go somewhere else and destroy whatever's there.

Like I said. It was an exaggeration.
I agree a bit that the whole raging thing was poorly depicted here.

yeah im actually re-rendering it as the black screen wasnt meant to be there. sorry about that but thanks for the feedback

it was made very shortly (all filmed in about 1 hour) and i understand your opinions. i could go the cheap answer and say its to do with video games making people more violent which would make more sense with this short, but that wasn't my original intention. I appreciate all feedback positive and negative as long as it is constructive and not just annoying hate. ill take into account all the feedback ive gotten when making the next one.

P.S the new version is up where i fixed the black screen towards the end and added some editing during the boss fight. The topics link has been updated.

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oh ok thanks for telling me smile

Soooo, the difficulty of the game drove him insane? I've never played Bloodborne, so I don't know how hard it is.

it can be very difficult at times. if you know of the dark souls games its by the same developers.


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