Lewa revamp

About a month ago I decided my 2 Lewa matas were boring so about a week later I finished this moc


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Alright, so first off, your color scheme is wonky. it’s hard to explain exactly, but a MOC’s colors need to have a pattern. Like for example, Metru green at the bottom, to act as a skeleton type thing, then Mata green as an armor color, and finally lime green as a highlight color. It just doesn’t really work when you have all three colors acting as all three of these roles.

Another thing about MOCcing is that the shapes of the pieces you use should flow together naturally. Here, you have curved pieces right next to spiky ones.

There are quite a few feet that can double as chest plates. that is not one of them. I’d suggest Zaktan’s foot as a replacement.

The arms are extremely awkward. the Lehvak shields don’t work as shoulder pads, and just look weird. The Mata feet also look awkward as they’rre jutting way too far out of the arms.


You got 50 shades of green there. I think you should only have one shade of green.

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that too.

I used almost all my green peces on this moc so I had little control over what I could use

@Calvatron First I had very little green peces also I did this at around 12 pm so very tired when I built it with the foot as a chest piece I have used that as the chest piece for all of my self Mocs before using keetorange finally the leak shields weren’t originally there

Please don’t double post! Also, what @ToaKeravnos said. :stuck_out_tongue: --John Smith

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Double post, if you need to reply to two people, just use the @ symbol. You can just edit your post!

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@Random_great_being That’s fair enough man.

Ok sorry will do that next time

Those arms…
I don’t even.
I have the lost the ability to even.


Actually they are amazing for posing and are very easy to move

Basically what @Calvatron said.

[quote=“Random_great_being, post:12, topic:11063”]
they are amazing for posing
[/quote]But they can’t even go forward…

I don’t want to sound harsh, but here’s my opinion:

The arms seem a bit cluttered, while the legs are very simple. There are three shades of green, but no other color to break it up. And the left hand is just…weird.


This doesn’t really justify any of the issues. Again, I don’t want to sound rude, but you can’t just reply by saying you were tired, and expect the flaws to be excused.

I hope I’m not sounding rude. I’m just trying to give you some tips. :slight_smile:

oh, well then.

I’m afraid I can’t critique this moc, I’d be repeating @Calvatron but more harshly.

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Not to be rude but they go forward at the perfect angle

can the elbows bend forward?

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which pair of elbows?
the ones that are balljoints,
or the ones that are molded into the mata limbs?

because it looks like they get about the same amount of articulation.


I see what you did there.

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I meant the elbows

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Ohhhhhh yea you’re right they aren’t that articulated

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