Lewa Sketch

Here is a very quick sketch I did in math instead of doing math. I draw a lot of bionicles so I will start posting them more often.

As you see it’s not finished, but I’m sure you get the point.

If you want me to draw you something actually good that’s not on a worksheet. Than I that can be arranged for let’s say uhhh one dollar.

I will be opening up topics for requests and commissions. I’ll upload more for proof of my talent

Have a superb day ~RogueToa


Yo your math homework looks easy


It should be. I was just looking over stuff from last year.

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Fantastic sketch!

I’m tempted to ask what grade you’re in considering your math homework, but privacy and all… :laughing:

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Im in grade 10. it’s just grade 9 math.

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I’ve got to say, it like looks pretty cool!

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This maths is beneath you good sir, unless you do struggle with it then, oops my bad. Good sketch, mask looks great.

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Nice rendition of Lewa.

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