Lewa, Spirit of Air

Here we have Layueewa the toa of junglair in the neutral form of his adaptive Armor flying around some forrest and beeing glad hes no longer wearing a dumb mask after his nuva transformation


Ok, if I had to suggest something, it would be to work on anatomy. Perhaps try using reference images to get a better sense of perspective and anatomy


Looks good except that the green looks too light. And wait, the where’s the chest plate armor?

yes anatomy is something im still struggeling with i realy need to improove that thanks for the tipps

uhm its that big green part on his torso or do you mean something different? since lewa phantokas torso is lime on its front i had to color the nuva armor that way too for adaptive armor

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So you want to combine Nuva with phantoka?

well this series of images (posted gali pohatu and kopaka already) is supposed to be the adaptive armor in its neutral form aka when its not adapted to anything. and according to greg that is the 2002 design with phantoka and mistika colors

So, I agree with @decepticonaiden
The proportions need to be redone, and the perspective and design makes it look funky.
Just keep working at it, and you’ll get there.