Lewa, Tahu and Kopaka the main protagonists?

Maybe Im grasping at straws here but, I have noticed a few things that may point to these three being the main characters in the story.
1. On the main poster(which is also the same as the Trans Mask of Fire box) you see these three.

2. On the characters button on Bionicle.com you see these three again.

3. And in the CGI trailer, these are the only three seem to get the spotlight treatment.

Not that it really means much, but it was just something I observed. I dont know if this means that Gali, Pohatu and Onua are going to take a a big back seat much like Nuju, Onewa and Whenua in the LoMN Movie, but we will see.


Im sure they will get the spotlight soon. Well, at least i hope they will.....

These three are the most popular, so it'd make sense.

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I'm pretty sure it's because those colors of sets sell the best. Which will mean the most marketing for them. I don't think it will be the same in the story.

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@LQ1998 I agree. They are also the biggest and intricate sets for BIONICLE 2015.

So http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20141011141456/lego/images/6/60/14989_10152512133070838_4071571163069776845_n.jpg
This guy isn't complex?

Ah, I forgot Onya the Landlord. He isn't as known in the story as the other characters IMO.

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Well, they always were "main protagonists"...

Im talking about it as in the way that Takua and Jaller were the main protaganists in MoL. The Toa were side characters in that movie if anything. Yeah they are important to the story, but the main focus is Takua and Jaller.

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I'm guessing that in the set tests with the children, these three were the most well liked and thus the most obvious when it comes to advertizements.


I doubt the others will be wholly sidelined, but there will likely be a marketing emphasis on those three.

Earth characters always got the short end of the stick.

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Toa were main characters in most of books and comics... Matorans had important role only in original Mata Nui saga where they had personalities, but then they became more generic and heroic.
Nearly whole story is about Toa not Matorans.
But it's easier to make movie that is focused on neutral matorans, then focusing it on some group of Toa (like LoMN) and disappoint fans of other Toa. In MoL all the toa had kinda same role... They were more balanced wink

I thought stone characters always got the short end of the stick.

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I know. Its just the fact that there are MAIN characters and then there are important characters. The big difference is that the plot centres around them and we get to know them best by the end of the movie/book/whatever. Im not saying Gali, Onua and Pohatu aren't important, Im just saying they wont have as much focus as the other three (or at least thats what I am lead to beleive)

Something else I might point out: in the back of the instruction manuals is a layout of the six Toa sets. In LOSS's instruction manual, they're laid out pretty oddly, resulting in the two outer ones getting the biggest images. These two are Kopaka and Lewa, while Tahu, surprisingly, is one of the inner ones. This may just be a coincidence, but it is noteworthy.

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Maybe Tahu,Lewa, And Kopaka are a new combiner or they are the 3 that remember their past form the marton universe,or they are the new main group? but i with keep this in mind,and when i get Tahu,Lewa,and,Kopaka And I'll make a combined version of them and i'll do the same for Gali,Pohatu,and Onua...

There not from the matoran universe. Its a hard reboot.

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A lot of their popularity from gen 1 came from their personalities. Now that Lego redesigned their characters, we might see a shift in the favorites.

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