Lewaka + Turaga Dagarak

A Rahi similar to the Onwaka living in the jungles of Muaka Nui
The Lewaka are territorial and are hard to take however a tamed Lewaka is extremely useful being able to serve as transportation and for plant manipulators as weapon storage as they carry all over their body plantlife

A Dagarak from another universe had became a Turaga in order to create 6 new Toa
Despite being a Turaga his mask powers haven't seemed to change however he is physically much weaker

The Lewaka was made because I wanted a Rahi mount partner for Dagarak and wanted to use up a bunch of the HF Cocoons
Turaga Dagarak was made using a similar build to the original Turaga and was made so Dagarak would have a Moc for every Stage of the Bonkle life cycle


Interesting. It looks slightly demented, and the build looks unstable. Other than that I think it's pretty good smile
I'm talking about the first one, the second is good too.

I agree with @Toa_Of_Shadows about its stability, but I love everything else about it!

Mini-Dagarak.....is adorable.

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They look like they'd fit right in on Bota Magna.

This looks really great I love the colors on each sets I like the Rahi and how it looks a bit organic a bit and I love that. I would like to hear more about the backstory of these sets and I would love to hear more of the lore of the Turaga.