Lewcarius: Spirit of the Wind (Self-MOC of Lew)

Hello everyone on the Boards!

Today I have something special! This actually isn't my MOC, it's the actual, physical Self-MOC of a friend of mine who goes by the name of Lew on MOCPages.

This dude seriously increased his MOCing skills over the course of a few months! Props to him for making this awesome creation!

Why am I showing this here? Because he says I take better pictures and he doesn't yet have a TTV Message Boards account so I'm doing it for him!

He has some interesting stuff on MOCPages, so you can click here to go visit his page!

Also, no this isn't a promotion or anything, I'm just better equipped to show off his MOC here. To reinforce this, I'll offer a critique on it and have this be a sort of discount MOC Spotlight: PN99 Edition!

So let's get into it:

Front shot. Right off the bat you can tell one thing: this guy is BIG and also stole Ghar's colors. He's actually quite a bit taller than Ghar. His size is intimidating, and for a MOC this size he's surprisingly light and well balanced. He's also fairly lanky, and his proportions look maybe slightly off, but I can't tell for certain. I want to say his legs or torso are too long, but they fit well enough together to work.

Side view.

Back view. It is a little messy, and you can see the innards of some of him, but it really doesn't look too bad since it's all black. I question the Nuva chest as back armor though, but it does its job.

Close up of the torso and waist. He's got an interesting waist joint there that only swivels up and down, so it's more of an abdomen crunch than anything else. It's integrated nicely and flows fairly well into the Hordika chest piece. I find the tubes on the hips add some nice mechanical detail, but they do hinder articulation a bit.

We have some really nice arms here. The upper arm is really compact and solid, however the lower arm and hand are a little awkward. The green CCBS shell isn't actually attatched very well, and the hand is brick built and on a hinge joint, so it can't rotate. The thumb is also fixed. He does get the added benefit of having four fingers as opposed to three though! Lew has told me he plans on making new hands, so we'll see what happens!

The shoulders are awkward looking from some angles, but man are they posable! He can move his shoulders down, as seen here, and also up and backwards and forwards, so it can add a lot of expression.

More shoulder action.

Got some equally awesome legs! Again, really solid, and the layering of some armor pieces looks great. The feet are also really nice too.

Back is less covered, but it isn't too bad.

Kind of a "meh" pose...

Menacing walk!

Fill in your own blanks as to what he's exclaiming here!

So yea, that's it.

This MOC's score is based off of three fundamental attributes, each totaling up to 5 points!

My final verdict: 8.5/10

He's solid and well built and looks pretty cool, but the lankiness is hard to get used to and he has some questionable build choices. But overall, a fantastic MOC!

So that's about it! Leave your thoughts below and look forward really soon for something even more special!

Because he's coming back....

In black...

As always,
Comment and Discuss!


Absolutely stunning. Great props to your friend for such a solid design.

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alright flow

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I Absolutely Love it


Very well done!

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It looks good, I only have two complaints, the chest piece on his back, and the green dot on his butt. Other than that, your friend did a great job!

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This is seriously a great improvement. I don't think the proportion issues are so much by comparison to the length of the other extremities so much as the moc is really large, and really thin. Both the arms and legs feel rather long though. The lower leg armor isn't the greatest, never been a fan of inika shoulders as shin armor, though I couldn't help but notice the sliver under it rising to a spike like the silver part on the feet, and it redeems the build sooo much just for that tiny consistancy. Moving up to the thighs, I feel that they may look better with the skrall armor facing upwards with the bohrok eyes showing where the gaps are. And the studs don't look too bad like they normally do on mocs. The tubes need to vanish, they are unnecessary and quite awkward, there are many better solutions to the issue it tries to fix. The torso looks okay, nowhere good as the legs though. The upper arms looks great, a bit long, but great. I'll agree about the forearms. From the back, this moc isn't as stellar, needs more uniform armoring and color, unless it was purposely left meh because it was never meant to look good because nobody would look there. In general it needs to be bulked up because it's too skinny right now. Overall though this is a really good moc and I went more into the negatives as that's what needs to be said, but nonetheless it is still very good. I now have high expectations for Lew now and now await the next version of his sm.


For the ACDC reference 10/10

Thanks! Although it doesn't refer to this MOC! :smile:

Oh yeah. Forgot about that. Ehyhehh. 4/10

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Tell your friend that his MOC is beautiful!


wait, are these his pics or yours? If it's him, why don't you get your friend to join?

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See this is my issue with most critiques nowadays. Most people will pick apart a MOC because the legs are spindly/the proportions are wrong/colour scheme is weird/build isn't solid etc.

This MOC is the embodiment of solid structure, not wacky colour scheme, correct proportions and everything people say when trying to "fix" a MOC. While that is good and the build must be appreciated as it is stunning - it does mean that it is quite a dull MOC. This is why I always like less generic designs, spindly builds, weird builds and weird colour schemes, because it is unique!

Anyway, the MOC is still good objectively, but to me it looks dull.



This is a real neat MOC. I love the look of this guy, I wish he was a little bulkier Around the torso area but that's my only real Complain.

You know I haven' posted a GIF of approval in a while. So here's my GIF to you.

Concept:? I don't know your friend so i can't rate this one well. So I'm just going with a 3 on this.
Story: this is a self MOC so the story isn't important.

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Not bad, in fact, impressive (considering I don't htave neither the mask nor the lime green pieces nor the time to copy it).

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Cool MOC, but uh...

My name is Lew! How do you do?


Now you gonna die!


They are mine. He lent me the MOC to take photos of. We live in the same area.

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I cannot express how glad I am that someone got that.


I don't understand the reference...