Lezaza the fallen Angel

Heyo! So you waited like... week, but here she is! Probably a First moc using trans-orange Hau!

So why I say "probably"? You know the answer..

With Dredermis Shortsword (Dredermis is Dream Protodermis. Metal possesed by ghosts of the fallen) possesed by powerless makuta:

Where did I came up with name Lezaza? Lezaza is anagram of Azazel, which is commonly reffered to as some sort of a Demon, or Scape-Goat

...She has foldable booster wings!

Also, here is some random art of her I made:

Its... bad

Anyways, what do you think? (Please dont spam about using Tires, I simply do not have old-type small tires from like 2000...)


Very nice job on the MoC!

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Pretty good job at a feminine MOC. The proportions are pretty good. And I like the use of the Trans Orange Hau.


What's so special about tires anyway? Unless their really well utilized (Callan's Pohatu MOC, for example) I find that they distract from the look of a constraction MOC.

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Well, people sometimes get upset about thin parts of the bones, you know

For interested, that would be the shape of Feminine G2 Hau:


This one really stands out to me. I like it smile

Great concepts too.

Where do you get that mask?

Are you saying overall? I've seen multiple already. stuck_out_tongue

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I really like what you did with the Mahri tubes; looks like an ammo belt or bandolier.

Well? There was "Probably" for a reason stuck_out_tongue

Holy s**t,this chick looks amazing!!
This is honestly my favourite MOC on the boards.
If i could,i would buy her from you.Well done!

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Ah, I log onto the Boards and the first thing I see? Another brilliant M.O.C. Good use of the trans-orange Hau, and I like the design of the wings. Keep up the good work!


I got it from this:

And since i already mentioned it,what price would you sell her for? XD
I know that you probably wouldn't,but it's worth a shot.

Idk, as for lego standards, it would cost some gold... but im not about money, I want parts xP (and well.. there is NO way i would sell any of my lego blocks xP)

So you would trade her for parts?


Well at least i tried XD

Thank you Chro! blush

Hmm. The overall MOC itself isn't incredibly impressive. The proportions work, as do the wings, and past the orange Hau looking very nice, she looks rather generic, spoting gunmetal and silver.

The torso, sadly, is a bit cluttered compared to the smoother legs and lower arms. The upper arms are also rather cluttered, although I know it's for the wings to connect.

Overall, I like it but it could use some work. 7/10

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