LF-D5: "The Stub"

This, like most of my more recent mechs, was built to play in MFZ. This particular mech will act as my sig fig’s personal mech in play, and I plan to build more variations on this design. There are two versions, the small one for the normal 7p scale game, and the big one for Minifig games. Now onto pictures!

Despite what people may say, it can indeed walk…

Now, we can’t refute the fact it walks rather slowly…

Typical Frame you would use in game

With big bro

Scale Picture

The Ladder can reach the ground if everything is aligned properly

And probably my favorite pat of the moc. The cockpit. The most detailed cockpit I’ve made for mechs at this size. It has 4 control panels, 2 joysticks, and a adjustable seat. I love it

With systems laid out

Backstory fluff things:
The LF-D5 was created mainly for pulling things, such as trailers and agricultural tools, and therefore have incredible strength. However, what they have raw power they lack in speed. Due to their height compared to other frames, it was quickly nicknamed “The Stub”, a (hopefully) clever parody on The Chub’s name. These Frames are customized frequently, by changing the colors and the “face” on the front of the frame.

This frame in particular has a face loosely based on a stereotypical knight’s helm. The armor has rusted a bit due to neglect, but the underlying frame is still perfectly functional.

Critique and comments welcome, and enjoy!


It looks… stubby…

I like it!


Awwww he’s so cute. I like the big one also.

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is the yellow one hard to stand with those tiny feet?

I hate stub pages on CBW

He’s so cute. I love it.

The stubby proportions and blocky silhouette make them so endearing.

A bit, not too much of a problem once you get him balanced, which isn’t too hard to do.

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Bugger Variation:


looks like it’s from Bioshock.

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It looks like a scrap metal robot with some nice weapons for me.