Life-size sword: Singularity

For Legos, that is an EPIC sword!

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What’s the length of the blade?

I’m pretty impressed; this is definitely the sort of thing that is easy to get confused building. I would, for sure.

I haven’t measured it, but I’m sure you can get an idea for the length based on the size of the other pieces shown.

It’s not really confusing to build. The hardest part of making stuff like this is getting the underlying structure to be strong enough, especially the handle. The other stuff is just a matter of decoration.

Hm, alright. I was wondering how it compares to historical blades.

Obviously this is a technologically themed blade that draws no inspiration from traditional swords. I find those waaaaaayyyyy too boring. When you search up Lego swords on google, or when people think of building swords with legos, too often people only make boring T-shaped swords, when really there is a world of possibilities for how creative you can get with sword design. Of course, it wouldn’t be very practical to use at all.

T shaped guards kept people alive, so that’s why swords have them. For fantasy, it doesn’t matter I suppose. I was just wondering how it’s scaled, not what inspired the design. I can see that from the pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

And for what you were going for, I think you did a splendid job.

Well I actually have no idea how long real blades are. I just scale my swords based on what proportion looks best and practically, how long the blade can be in order for the whole thing to be structurally sound.

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Yeah that looks pretty awesome. Well designed and I’m really happy to see it’s so big. Well done!

This is pretty cool, reminds me of those old Nerf swords

Dude that’s awesome!