Life-size sword: Singularity

Beauty in asymmetry. It’s really hard to photograph the thing because of how big it is, so the camera has trouble focusing on it.

And yes, you can hold it in your hand and swing it around slowly. The tip is really hard to get right because I don’t have the proper slope pieces and the fact that when you put slopes together the inclines don’t flow smoothly. Anyone have any ideas?

I have two other swords from a few years ago if anyone wants to see.


Somehow you actually made this look good. It flows so smoothly and somehow manages to retain a decent color scheme. Great job!

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This looks really good and well made. I love the detail for the hilt and hand guard thing (even though I doubt it would work well).

Nice sword! I like the shaping.

A terrific merging of technic and system elements. I love how clean and well conveyed the shaping is here.

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lookin’ snazzy.

oh, the heresy in the blade.

What do you mean by that? If you’re talking about all the seams in the blade, there’s really no good way to clean that up with legos if I want to get a sloped blade and maintain the blade’s integrity. The best I can do is maybe cover it up with stickers. Unless you have a better idea.

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how heavy is it and does it have a second form?

Yes plz pretty plz this is amazing.

It is at least a few pounds though I don’t know the exact weight. it feels heavy when you hold it. I don’t know what you mean by second form. It doesn’t transform but if you have any ideas share them.

I shall be making more swords to come and some flowers.

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two hinges in the top, attached to a long series of 1 by however plates, going down to the hilt. use some plates on the sides (SNOT bricks) to cover that gap

better than stressing the parts, like they are now.

If I use plates on the side then the blade will not be 1 brick thick. Also, what type of hinge? I cannot use any hinge that doesn’t allow all degrees of bending because the degree of inclination here is very very small.

By the way, the parts aren’t being stressed. The two parts that form the incline are merely attached at an angle. The strength of the blade lies in the central three liftarms.

small c clips, 1 wide, at the base?

I’m sorry but I don’t know the names of pieces. Perhaps a bricklink link would be helpful.

parts along the lines of this:

1 by 2, with the clip/bar on the horizontal end.

I see what you mean. It would be nice if I had these pieces, but as it stands the blade is quite stable. I’m more concerned about the gaps in the blade, but unfortunately they don’t make slopes of that angle. Even if I used those clips, there would still be gaps.

that’s why i’m saying, use plates that allow you to attach plates on the side.

and before you say anyghing about the blade “not being flat”, most swords are 2 wedges, back-to-back.

a blade is a wedge, therefore, it’s gonna have a peak in the middle. a rather low peak, but still a peak.

ohh I dont know, a full sick nasty sheath for the beast would be cool though.

This is a really awesome sword.

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