Life-sized Sword: Clarity

Built this a while ago but it has since undergone many revisions. I think I’m going to have to get black stickers to cover up the holes in the handle. The end of the blade could use some work.


how stable is it?

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Enough to hold it in your hand and swing it around slowly.


It took me a second to even realize this was Lego. Well done!

Out of curiosity, where does the name come from?

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It’s a sweet design.

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Wow! This looks great!

Perhaps some 1x (arbitrarily large number) black tiles could make for a nice textured grip?

I wanted to convey transparency, decisiveness, and sharpness with the design, all of which relate to seeing things clearly- in seeing the fine lines and edges which separate things, distinctions however subtle can be drawn with the edge of Clarity.

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This is awesome!

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