Life-Sized, Wearable Masks

Has anyone here ever built, or tried to build, a life sized mask? I’ve seen people make these from CrunchBiteNuva’s paper schematics ( Brickshelf Gallery ), although I’ve never actually found the schematics themselves to print out and make.

Regardless, does anybody have experience with making these. Any reccomendations, tips, or just general info?

I recently started learning Blender, and although I’ve never experimented with Pepakura Designer, I was thinking of making some masks of my own, and I wondered if anyone else would like to join in the fun.
Well, that’s all folks. :smile:


I’ve made a Miru and a Kraahkan before, and I’m currently working on a Protector mask. :smile:


I desire a life size Hau!

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I have yet to, though I probably should. The Kraahkan doesn’t seem like it should be all that difficult.

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I would love a Kualsi. :slight_smile:

I made myself a mask once out of technic.

It was delicious.

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There is software that you can download that allows you to upload 3d models into it and then print out instructions to fold it out of paper. Then you can strengthen it by adding layers of resin and paint. If I made a mask I would use that.


Someday I want to make a life size version of my selfMOC’s mask

Hoping to one day own a life sized kakama.

Nah, it’s pretty easy. Getting the details right is the tricky part.

Someday, a working, Mixel-eyed Akaku will exist…
######And I’ll buy four of them.


I’ve got a lifesized infected kakama

Matatu, without the scope.


I’m gonna build a thing, and it will be cool, but I won’t tell you because of reasons

Made a cardboard Kualsi at one point.
No longer exists.

As a child I had a licensed Vakama metru mask, which, while low quality, was pretty cool.
I pretended I was a superhero with my brother. He was wolf boy and I was… (wait for the cringe)… Bionikid.
Actually true, I regret nothing.


Lego, and like, Marvel, or Dc, or someone need to team up and make that a thing…

I’d love a Hau and a great Huna.

does anybody have another papercraft kanohi apart from the avohkii?