Light & Shadow Kaita?

If a Toa of Light and a Toa of Shadow tried to form a Kaita, would they be able to successfully fuse or would they cancel each other like it would with a Toa Seal?

What about an Av-Matoran and a Shadow Matoran attempting the same thing with a Matoran Nui?


Light and Shadow are the only elements that really have a problem with each other in the MU, so it probably wouldn’t work.

Could be it’s not possible, but let me point out: Takanuva and Makuta were fused by EP into Takutanuva, who had both light and shadow powers. Takanuva became half-shadow after his shadow leech attack, and again he had no problem wielding both light and shadow at the same time. So there doesn’t seem to be anything fundamentally stopping one being from having both the light and shadow elements.

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True, but EP was involved in that, and Light and Shadow are the only Elements that can’t be used in the same Toa seal if a Toa is using them.

To be fair, this example is also referring to a Kaita here, which implies three component beings, each with a different elemental affinity, by default. So if there’s a third element being introduced, it might just act as an intermediary and help establish some sort of balance to prevent them from simply canceling each other out.
In regards to other types of fusions, though, I don’t really see why they would be unsuccessful in doing so, however. If they’re made up of multiple bodies and minds, then it should stand to reason that they’d retain both power sets, as those wouldn’t end up being negated.

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