Lighting Villager

Zetra the protector of lighting often trains her tribe to fight and protect each other, that is where this unarmed villager come in, who is one of Zetra’s best students. Do to her excellent combats ability this student was given the lighting shield, a shield that releases an electric shock with hit.
As a note lighting villagers can not fuse lighting into what they make, but protectors can. The shock swords were made
By an ancient Procter and the lighting shield was made by Zetra’s mother. Zetra has created the shock pistol, which she uses.
I am also including some modifications to Zetra in here.


The mod to the protector look really good, the parts swap give better shaping. I think the two blues on the villager don’t quite work, I’d try changing the mata blue to the lighter blue of the mask. Good job anyhow :+1:

Not sure where those are, that would look good though…

Looking at this moc, nothing shouts “lighting”.
If you have the pieces; maybe you can replace some pieces with light green?

Anyways, nothing spectacular on the build, yet the consistency is decent in most area as a Protector build.


I don’t see you mentioning it anywhere in this topic, except your previous post.

I mentioned that also with the protector and it’s light blue because of the official colors

As I said in my writing, I am using the cannon colors. These re blue and white you
May check the at biosector1 under Vo-Matorian
And @1000Purse30 yes you did brig it up and we had this conversation yesterday.


It’s simple, but the overall look and feel of the MOC is good.

Thanks I need to get another nuva breastplate for a Toa of lightning