Lightning Bat

“They’re really cool to watch, y’know? A pack of glowing, sparking bats swarming around. Just don’t get too close. They’re strong enough to stun a horse they get scared. my friend got zapped by one once, knocked 'im out for a good two hours.”

Facing a dreaded iron maidor.

Feasting on an unfortunate Dohica.

So, as soon as I saw the Metus helmet in 09, I thought ‘that looks like a claw’. Unfortunately, I only had one. Until a few weeks ago, when I found another in a random assortment of Lego. Now, i finally got around to making a quick little MoC for this 9-year-old idea.

As always, any comments, criticisms, critiques, complaints, and cobras are welcome!


That’s adorable! The white Takadox head and Metus “claws” look really nice together! Unfortunately, I don’t have any cobras to give at the moment, sorry.


It’s actually kinda cute in a way!

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Looks cute, but the head looks too big to me… It is a good MOC though
And it is very simple

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It’s adorable! Who would’ve known that Ben 10 pieces were useful?

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~It’s only logical


Really nice. I like how the arms and head make it seem reminiscent of Takadox. I also like the digitigrade(?) legs. I feel like the Metus heads look more like paws though, like a bear or wolf.

Not bad for a quick little moc.


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