Lightsaber Internal Construction

This is a representation of the internal construction of a light saber. Specifically an atypical design. This light saber produces what looks like a long, lance-shaped blade, but is actually 3 or more very thin blades which are rapidly rotating around each other.

This design gives the user a more destructive blade, as well as a longer possible reach than with regular light sabers, as well as being just as quiet. This blade is choice for task forces, and infiltrators, as there are little drawbacks in using such a lightsaber.

The main difficulty in using this design is the construction. Due to the rapidly spinning blades, force harmonizing kyber crystals must be used in order to avoid a potentially dangerous unstable blade. Due to this requirement, acquired imprinted crystals are very unlikely to work, and bleeding or cracked crystals almost never work for this design.

A rule of thumb, the closer the color, the more likely they are to work with each other.

For anyone who read this far, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed my custom saber type. It was built for a local contest, and was really nice to do.


The Force is strong with this one.



Looks great with all that mechanical detail

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I love the concept of the spinning blades.


@Invader39 Thank you.

@LTVmocs Thanks!

@TridahkMaster Practice? Also some inspirational and reference work helps.

@EvilLobsterKing It’s something that I’ve never heard of in the star wars line before, so might as well think of how it would be done.

@KAI_BORG Thanks. It’s a pretty neat display peice.

Ja it is, pretty unique take on it too! Wasn’t expecting this when I saw the topic! I also really like how you have multiple crystal choices and each with their own custom crystal holders (effin memory, can’t remember the name).

Well, I’m glad to have given you something unexpected. The kyber crystal holders were a simple fitting addition to an otherwise bland display base.

And a pretty nifty addition at that! Pretty nice that you made each different!

i love it

You have talent, as a star wars fan I approve.

@KAI_BORG It made sense to do so. Also, there were some peices I didn’t have enough of to make them all the same.

@spiderstan Thank you! Glad you like it.

@Morgy Thanks!

Well I’m glad enough for that then! they look better this way!

I want it so badly. The detailing is impressive.

I give it a 9.9/10. Why 9.9 and not 10? Because there is just that O N E open axle right at the tip where the blade starts (you can see it in the last picture) and it R E A L L Y annoys me.(like really you could’ve put just 1 piece there and the problem would’ve been solved D: )

@RogueToa Thanks. It would be a great display set.

@Nuparus I see the annoyance. Oh well, can’t retake any pictures with that fixed, as it’s on display in a store right now.

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Neat! Seeing someone take on the interior of a lightsaber rather than just the exterior is a nice change of pace… Cool idea, and I also like the displays for the kyber crystals

@Brickpiler It seems to be something you don’t see in general not only in LEGO. Thanks for the comment!

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Wait… on display in a S T O R E.