Liking something you don't own/watch/play

I never played Portal, yet I made this.

I still have this incomplete portal gun by this day.
mainly because I have no use for the rahkshi head


I'd spill, but I'm not sure some people will agree with me

I got to admit I'm like this a lot.
I like Persona, Final Fantasy, Chima, Hero Factory, Exo Force, Dead Space, and Call Of Duty.
Yet I never owned anything from their respective series.
But I watch videos about them.
That's the closest things I got to enjoy from them.


I've only watched playthroughs of fnaf. I don't own the game seeing as the gameplay is honestly kind of dry.(that might change with this next one though; the fact that it's fully animated is pretty enticing.)

In principle I'm like this about anime too; I don't watch much anime but I still like talking to friends about it.

Also, Ultra Agents looks like an amazing lego theme that I'm missing out on sorely.

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Five nights at freddy's. I love it to death yet I've never played it. Not because I'm scared, just because I can't.


I like the halo series, I have even bought like 3 Mega Bloks set's yet I only own Halo Custom Edition which a friend gave me and having only played the other games a few times...

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That's actually a really cool looking Portal Gun. I like. thumbsup

I like watching GTA 5 videos on YouTube, though I've never played the game. That's all I can think of at the moment. stuck_out_tongue


I love warframe,WWR,and probably a bunch of other stuff,yet i never played/watched/owned any of those

I need a tutorial for that gun.

as for the topic, I'm a fan of Warhammer 40K, but I don't actually play the game.

Though I do own several of the older Transformers, some of the newer series I like but never end up buying.
Also, a lot of the Marvel Lego sets I like, but I generally don't buy them.


I like Persona, Hotline Miami and Farcry 3: Blood Dragon for their music, and Homesick looks so amazing I want to lick it.


Concerning LEGO lines? I was this to Rock Raiders and EXO-Force.

Concerning games, I was this for Fire Emblem (Before getting Blazing Sword and Awakening) and for Xenoblade (music is worth it).

Also could count myself as this for the Marvel/DC/Animated versions of Tolkien's work universes.

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I never see any MCU's Shows or played Team Fortress 2.

Fnaf. I don't play the games at all, but for some reason I am intrigued by it's story.
I really like current transformers but I don't have the money to buy them. I really liked the Xenoblade music and bought the game mainly because of it. Legend of Zelda is probably one of the games I really want to get into, but I don't know where to start in the series. Oh and One Piece, my friends say it's amazing but the big number of episodes is what makes me not want to watch it.


Oh you're right, Zelda's actually a fairly good one for me too. Though having recently played A Link Between Worlds as my own introduction to the series (and only ALBW, so don't take me as the highest authority on Zelda games by any means), I'd highly recommend that as an entry point if you can get it easily.

Other than that, I guess perhaps Steven Universe? It's a show that I've heard good things about and have occasionally admired from afar, but I've never actually watched any of it myself.

GTA, I watch the achievement hunter let's plays all the time, they're hysterical but I don't play GTA

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Japanese Wrestling.

I don't watch it at all.

But I've watched enough Super Best Friends that ive learned a lot about it.

Like how there's a group called the Timesplitters and their gimmick is time manipulation.

Like they actually stop the timer and stuff.

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My sister loves LoZ, but hasn't played ANYTHING from it. Currently, she's playing a ROM of Majora's Mask on our Wii, but that's the closest we're going to get to the real thing.

Wow. I thought I was the only one. ._.

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I really like Transformers (The Toys; I've already seen the shows/movies), but I've only owned one, that being Generations Combiner Wars Legends Class Huffer.