Likus' Archaic Moc Topic

Believe it or not, there was once a time when I couldn't moc to save my life. Just check out these goofy creations!

So yeah, this was the earliest moc I can remember building. Not really sure what it's supposed to be, but my seven year old self thought it was a centaur. Yes, as you all know, centaurs have four shoes and four arms and a wacky scuba mask with a massive radar dish on the side! Boy oh boy was this thing weird.

Number two looks like it's made of number two. I mean really, it swims with treads somehow and is covered in unnecessary weapons. Well, I got one thing right, the blurry image makes me think of the loch ness monster. Run Nokama, run!

This one's a little better. So the reason I made this was to win lego's Toa Brickmaster Challenge in 2005 (y'know, the one that made Krakua canon.) The pohatu pincers look alright, but why is a toa of time carrying a flaming disk launcher? Probably stole it from Vakama in time trap. Little known fact, this is the moc that inspired me to make Toa Aion a decade later.

Finally we have the last in a string of crummy mocs, a brown Tuma! He's supposed to be a leader-class Vorox as a counterpart to the skrall leader. Neat idea, though I wish the colors weren't so random. This one was made in 2009, when I was 15, so it's obviously the best designed of the bunch.

Thanks for checking these out. Don't be too critical, I bet you made some rainbow centaurs when you were little too. smiley



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Truly, on the level of Retinence, brickthing, and technomaster neu combined.

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The brown Tuma Vorox thing actually looks pretty nice.


You don't even know, you don't even know...

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this is like if you took all the good mocers in the world, combined them into one, and told it to make a moc.

truly mocs that make us question existence as we know it.


Rainbow centaur is love, rainbow centaur is life.


The flaming disk sort of makes sense because it has the mask of time on it.
The rainbow centaur is a true master piece and I quite like the time toa and the mega Vorox.

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I have seen things.....

that can not be unseen

is not that bad

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