Lil' Nelsons Battle Mech

Lil’ Nelsons Battle Mech

I built this little mech for a LEGO ideas activity. I wanted to build a mech for Nelson for a while, and this gave me some motivation to do it.

Also made a custom season 11 Nelson minifigure

Some more images from different sides.

Includes a bike mount on the back

Front opens up to place Nelson inside

I also wanted to build this model to work with my Samurai X mech:

All pieces used in this build are avaliable in these colors (which made working with purple complicated :grinning:). There are a couple of custom prints. can be found here!

Hope you all like this build




something went wrong with the first two images.

If you mean the background color and logo, that was on purpose, because of the way the images are cropped on lego ideas

@Sokoda This was intentional?

As I said before if you mean the green background and the position of my logo: Yes.
Or is there anything else weird I’m missing?

Ok, there mest be something different with yours and mine. here’s an example:

This is normal

This is not.

Are you talking about the background color?

No, not the color. Little nelson doesn’t have a head and the looks like it has been cut and rearanged.

hmm weird, he looks normal for me. Looked at the topic on my phone too. Everything normal on my end

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Hmm, must be something on my end, though all of the other images look fine.

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All the images look fine for me. It reminds me a lot of the Silent Strike from Exo-Force. Awesome job!