Limited Invulnerability vs fire resistance and ice resistance

I was wondering what if, if any advantages or applications fire resistance and ice resistance have over limited invulnerability? I do know that even the related kraata powers like molecular disruption and disintegration have differences in terms of use despite their similarities so I was wondering what makes fire resistance and ice resistance either better or more useful in some situations that limited invulnerability can not be since it seems to be just as effective against fire and ice?


According to The Definitive Guide To Kraata & Rahkshi, as well as Makuta’s Guide To The Universe, Limited Invulnerability only protects from physical damage, while Ice Resistance and Fire Resistance protect from extreme temperatures.


Minor correction, but to be clear, the Kraata chart says Level 6 is “absolutely invulnerable to physical harm of any kind,” while Makuta’s Guide says it’s “invulnerable to physical harm from most attacks.”

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But limited invulnerability says it can resist those as well. At stage 3 it says limited resistance to fire and ice, at stage 4 it says immune to environmental extremes which should include volcanic and arctic areas, and at stage 5 it says resist the elemental powers of the toa Nuva which include fire and ice. So I ask once again how is fire and ice resistance not matched by limited invulnerability what are those 2 kraata powers better at in some application that limited invulnerability is not?