Lisirra, princess of the Bloomrot legion.

This is Lisirra. Lisirra is actually a revamp in a way, however i dont have the old pictures of her. Lisirra is the daughter of The bloomrot legion’s king, and is sister to the prince as well. she is cunning and deceptive, preferring to toy with her opponents more than actually fight them. she wields the staff of rot, a weapon infused with rotting Herbamancy, which in my story is plant magic that can also control the life of plants. she is enemies with the human sub species in my story known as the Far-Born, who are kinda like dwarves. wounds caused by her staff will also cause somewhat immediate rotting. she also has what is known as a heretics mask, it is known as a heretics mask because it mocks a tradition that the Far-Born have, when she puts the mask on, she turns gold, and acts like a monster. many Bloomrot legionaries have these heretic’s masks.


Solid construction and good colours although the back of the legs and upper arms are a little empty.

Also, I’d advise using bluerender or Pov-ray to render your LDD mocs.