list of kaukau colors

I’m trying to compile a list of all the colors the Kaukau Mata came in, including all the misprints, so I can try to collect them. I could use some assistance.

These are the ones I know exist:


  • Trans dark red (Tahu)
  • Trans white (Kopaka)
  • Trans dark blue (Gali)
  • Trans orange (Pohatu)
  • Trans black (onua)
  • Trans dark green (Lewa)
  • Gold (golden kanohi)
  • silver (unpowered Kanohi)


  • Trans Yellow
  • trans light blue
  • trans gold (rarest color?)

unverified misprints (these ones may or may not be real)

  • trans purple (possibly fan made?)
  • trans silver (or a lighter shade of silver than the one normally used; listed seperately on Bricklink, but I’m not sure if it’s two different colors or not)
  • trans medium blue (somewhere between the light blue misprint and the dark blue Gali version? Again, listed seperately on Bricklink but I can’t be sure)
  • any others I might not be aware of?

The Trans Gold and Trans Silver Kaukaus are just what happens when the mask fades, and are not misprints. They’re not necessarily any less common than the regular gold and silver Kaukaus. The Trans Purple one is a custom resin mask, and I’m fairly certain that the Trans Medium blue one doesn’t exist and is just bricklink sellers getting confused about what colour they have.


I’ve seen a trans brown one before, I think it was a test for Pohatu’s one but then they realised it looked gross.


Trans Brown is what just what Lego calls Trans Black. So technically, Onua’s one is actually brown.


Oh good I’d almost had a heart attack there!

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I’m glad I read this list, I’ve been wondering who the trans orange mask goes with for ages!

shouldn’t that be trans neon orange instead of trans orange?