Literature: Rules and Guidelines (UPDATED: APRIL 7 2018)

The thing is that I have a multipart series. I am at the fifth part, but the other four have separate topics. What should I do?

Since the board apparently no longer tells me these things, that is entirely up to you since it’s pre-existing.

Also, it should be mentioned that I personally see a difference between a “___ part series” and a story with “chapters.” Chapters should be all in one topic, but if there’s a significant gap or, say, a three part series of short stories, that rule can be bent.

As far as your stuff goes, if you want it combined we can do that for you. If not… C’est la Vie?


Should ilustrated writings be in comics?

The way I see it it’s up to you, but my personal belief is that whatever is the primary media is where it belongs - So in this case, if you’re simply illustrating a few scenes of a story, then it belongs here. If you were, say, fleshing out the scene of a piece of artwork, I would keep it in artwork.

So, wait… I shouldn’t be able to have two characters loving each other?

Dude, there is a incredibly big distance between having your characters kissing and loving each other and making R-rated stuffs.

Gratuitous: “uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted.”

R rated content is strictly forbidden. Love stories are not. Simple as that.

As always, how much we let you get away with is directly dependent on how well you can toe the line.


So I have a completed short story, but is it okay if I post an external link to it since it’s currently 63 pages in Google Docs?


I don’t believe that would be called a short story anymore…


Okay, technically it’s a short story series. 7 parts, plus a prologue and an epilogue

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If it’s in parts you can post each “chapter” in a single topic (one post per chapter) or you can link to the google doc. Either way works. I suggest the former, while perhaps spreading out the release. I know that for some people, reading a massive story all at once is much more daunting than reading a chapter a day.

Totally up to you though, there are no rules against linking Google Docs :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks for the response!

Does undetailed death count? For example can we write that a character did a matoro?

As far as I know about this rule it’s more implying excessive gore, such as describing the intricacies of someone being injured or their death. You know something like that, if you wrote that someone died and a brief explanation of their death, such as if they were stabbed through the heart or beheaded and leave it at that, I’m sure that’s just fine.

I am not interested in telling people what they can, or cannot, write about. However, keep it PG. Just like descriptions of Love can be PG, or R rated, so can violence and gore. That’s where the excessive bit comes in.

You want to describe someone dying from a bullet to the head, that’s one thing. You want to describe, in detail, blood and brains and etc splattering on a wall due to that shot to the head? Little more excessive. Think of it this way: If it happened in the Bionicle story, then it’s probably safe for here.

It’s a case by case system, consider these rules a warning that you can write about whatever you want however you want, but bear in mind that there are young’ins here on the site.


Okay good, I know what I’m doing now

Thank you this is very helpful.

So is this the place to put the Bionicle TRPG I wrote?

Are we allowed to post poems here? If not, where would they go?

Poems should be allowed, others have been posted before and it is literature, so it should be fine.

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