Lithuni - Toa of Light

As my 100th post on Instagram I wanted to do something different. I chose to create a character that could have been a set in my favorite era of Bionicle, the 2007-2009 lines. With the same amount and types of pieces that were used around those times. And I had to showcase one of my best and rarest mask of course, finally hehe.

My inspirations for Toa Lithuni were; most prominently Umbra with the colorscheme, element and weapon. But I also used parts from Lesovikk and Mata Nui.

This was fun to build and I encourage more people to try this, it brings you back!


It’s simple, but every piece looks like it belongs. Didn’t think that the Umbra palette could be utilized this well. The solid color blocking does a great job of making the build cohesive and fluid.

Definitely one of the best low piece count MOCs I’ve seen


The use inika armor on the torso was a great way to create a natural tapering up toward the chest, while adding coverage, color, and detail

Solid moc
And nice Kaukau


Looking very nice indeed. Looks like if Umbra was a Toa and actually looked good haha


Very clean! Love it


This makes me feel nostalgic. I got into bionicle around 2007 an this moc feels like it came right out of that late 2000’s era.

Dare I say that there’s not enough mocs like this anymore, not that I mind the complexity of modern peices.


I felt the same when building this moc, you couldn’t have said it better! Thank you!


I don’t know why you have chosen to make such a moc, but it is definitely one of the mocs you’ve ever made. The pieces all come together, the pictures all show it, and the colors are the exactly the colors it has. I certainly believe that you made this.