Little bug moc

I made this bug for you
I like how he looks and i hope you like it to
I moostly only used technic brick but i dit use a littek bit of bionicle

Sorry for the look of the foto i upload with the ipad


With clickbait like that, you’d think you’re on Youtube! XD

It looks pretty cool, although I would switch out the silver bohrok eyes on the hind legs with for ones in white.


I now but i ran out of pesus
(Bad Engels)

I would probably get rid of the Bohrok eyes on the legs and leave it bare.

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it’s a neat thing.

Did you take the pictures in the evening?

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Edited Title to Remove Cllickbait - BioSquire


He’s pretty cute, I’ve gotta say!

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Everything looks so nice together. Good work!

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Literally a clickbait; this moc isn’t small at all.

I like the slope build but the limbs build is odd from some angles.

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In the grand scale of things, like planets, and stars, and that kinda space stuff, it is on the little side…

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