Live Action TMNT movies

Since we have a live action Transformers movie topic, why not have a TMNT live action movie topic? Here you can talk about the Jim Henson movies from the 90's, or the newer Michael bay movies.

Keep in mind that while the first Michael bay movie was pretty terrible, you can't be too hateful in your reply regarding it.

With that in mind, share your thoughts!


Really didn't like any of them. TMNT apparently lacks the capability to mature the way Transformers was able to with some of its comics and TV shows (Some!).


The first 90's movie was really enjoyable for me. After that...

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I actually kind of like some of the TMNT Live action movies... when I was a kid.

You know, this one:

I said movies as there's going to be a second one:

I thought Jonathan Liebesman directed that though. It was just produced by Michael Bay.

Well Michael Bay's name is still slapped on that movie a lot so I'll still count it as such. That and it feels like a movie he directed.

But as for your previous comment, I did find the old ninja turtles movies pretty fun as a kid and at my current age. Except for the third one.

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I personally loved these movies because they were EXACTLY what I envisioned the Turtles as: wisecracking heroes who are also really good friends and brothers. Yes, there was a bit too much Megan Fox but I can deal.


I think that this year's Out of the Shadows will be a fun movie, that, from trailers , seems to be done with the serious side, that the previous one had, remedying the conflicted feel...

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