Live, Learn and Lawsuits: The Archive

So remember when these were a thing? Here’s the archive so you people get the references.

Season One

Comic 01: Gensis of a Comic Maker
Comic 02: Shoopernova
Comic 02.5: To PGS or not to PGS
Comic 03: A Fantastic Fourth (July 4th)

Alternative Saga:

Comic 04: No Turning Back
Comic 05: Through the Mirror
Comic 06: AUTHUR PWERZ!1!!!
Comic 07: Creative Liberties (GSing Meraceire)
Comic 07.5: Marble Run
Comic 08: The Life and Times of Kopeke
Comic 09: Live on the Duel Part 1
Comic 10: Live on the Duel Part 2
Comic 11: A Wrong Turn
Comic 12: Room with an Interview
Comic 13: We’ve Got Gas (GSing Shaydak Imp for toaster1)
Comic 14: Return of Ravorhk (GSing Mahar: Toa of Mangosteen)
Comic 15: The Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Guest Stars (GSing Kanoke of Roxna Nui)
Comic 16: Sane Again
Comic 17: The Horror…
Comic 18: dark709 hatur!1!!
Comic 19: The Coming of…Vortinus
Comic 20: Refreshments, Anyone?
Comic 21**: The Revelation…
Comic 22: A Narrow Escape
Comic 23: This isn’t Kansas…
Comic 24: Call of Duty
Comic 25: America’s Education has Gone Down the Tubes
Comic 26: The Doppelganger
Comic 27: Reality Gets Bitten
Comic 28: Bonus(less) (Christmas Day Comic 2009)
Comic 29: The Revalation (Gavla’s Birthday)

Season Two

Comic 30: There and Back Again (Philbert’s Birthday 2010)
Comic 31: The Protodermis Chefs
Comic 32: The Subplot Thickens
Comic 33: This Game’s Afoot
Comic 34: Deck the Halls With a Dead Body (Christmas 2010)
Comic 35: The Stage is Set
Comic 36: This Brick Birthday Cake (Jin’s Birthday 2010)
Comic 37: Breaking the Saga Trend
Comic 38: Still Alive, Barely
Comic 39: Needing Great Competence
Comic 40: Everything’s Not Blue and Red
Comic 41: Join the Darcsyde; We Have Zamors
Comic 42: The Walk-In Closet
Comic 43: ICCGarda Has Poor Taste
Comic 44: Return To Despondency
Comic 45: Serious Buisness
Comic 46: Invasion of the Three Virgins Virtues
Comic 47: Familiar Faces
Comic 48: Patched for Translation
Comic 49: 'Tis the Season for Investment (Christmas 2011)

Season Three

Comic 51: Please Leave a Message After the Gunshot
Comic 52: The “S” Stands for “Sitter”
Comic 53: You’ve Met With A Terrible Fate, Haven’t You?


Didn’t even know there were a thing, but they’re entertaining.

It’s what Kahi did primarily before he joined TTV, he was well known for his comic making on BZP- in fact that’s how he met us, we went to interview him because of these :smile:


I didn’t even join BZP until earlier this year, so I missed that boat. Still, cool that it’s all collected here for all to see if they haven’t before.

Always good to see what other comic makers put out. Can give you inspiration for yourself, and even make you look at your own comic and see the mistakes you’ve made.

The sprite style is very creative, I can’t imagine all the work that goes into these.

There was a great thing where pixel art comics were kind of considered the norm. We had a lot of history and subculture going on there. That’s partially why I was interviewed; at one point, comic makers were the biggest listeners of TTV, so I approached Eljay about doing an interview for some exposure. The rest became history.

I really love these, the more I look back at them. There’s a bunch of nostalgia wrapped up in here. It’s nice having this archive of stuff. I started these back when I just started high school, and now I’m going to graduate college. That’s pretty wild.


Comic No. 50 is missing.

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That’s because I never made it. It was supposed to be huge. It still is. I never finished it and made one or two comics in the meantime. Maybe I should, just for this forum…who knows?


Fair enough, just thought it was a filing error.

do it!!

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These are awesome!

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The early ones I didn’t get, I figured they were BZP jokes, like dark709. But the later on it went the more and more funny they were. The last one was hilarious.

Yeah a lot of them were very meta topical BZP jokes that requires knowledge of the BZPower Comics forum in general to really understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick Question:What Program Did you use to make the comics?

Wow! I actually really like these! I find them to be very inspirational and now, honestly, want to make my own pixel comics! So how do I do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work, as usual, Kahi! :smiley:

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I wish these could still happen