Lizard of the Abyss (a MOC built for Bio-Cup 2022)

I know that Bio-Cup 2022 happened like half a billion years ago, I just never got around to posting most of my entries here… well, until now

This is the thing that I built for round one, which had the theme of Kaiju.

I got very “lucky” with the Cup this year because each time the theme of the round was revealed and the entry period started I had some other extremely important thing to do. Because of this “luck” I always had very little time left to actually build an entry. This one in particular was build over the course of three days (out of the 10 that the participants were given). I’m still happy with what I was able to build in this short timeframe for this round.

Also, before I fully took this thing apart I took this pic

Here you can see how the torso of the thing is built much more clearly


how do you build like that?


I dunno… experience or something, I guess


well there is such nice part use in there. any tips for making bionicle Mocs better?


Gerald can, perhaps, practice.

As for this moc, it’s really impressive. I always thought the comparison with the city was too different of aesthetics and it clashed a lot, but the lizard of the abyss itself is a fun builc with a lot going on. It’s a shame the legs covered most of the torso in the first picture, since the torso is so nice.


The monster itself is great, and the invasion from below feet on the side of the torso is brilliant, but I think my favorite bit is the castle.


that looks freaking sick!


This MOC looks great. The colors are very nice, and the way each tail is shaped in the pictures feels spot on to me. The way you used the black invasion from below claw(?) pieces on the legs is very smooth. Normally they’re quite finicky and awkwardly shaped, but using a ball joint to offset that was very smart.

One thing I do always wonder about the very tight fitting MOCs, is their durability and stability. Does this one in particular have issues with falling apart, or have any areas that are only connected at one point?


Ooh this looks quite good. The parts usage, especially in that torso, is awesome. The head looks really creepy as well and I like the lighter yellowish green’s use. Very nice job on this moc!


Such a cool creature!

Practice makes perfect, don’t compare yourself to much with others


Alright, I guess it’s time for a serious reply…
Here’s the thing: when it comes to tips for making MOCs better, I legitimately don’t have any. Being able to create MOCs like this one is a skill that I acquired naturally through years upon years of practice, it’s not something that appeared out of thin air. So, all I can tell you is: create, look at what others do (but don’t compare yourself with them), get inspired, create more… I know it sounds very cliche and basic, but I think that’s the truth: there’s no secret cheatcode for this stuff that will instantly make you better. It’s all about…


Also, I feel like I have to say this as well: making complex builds is far from the only way to go. Some of my favourite MOCists have much more simple and elegant styles, which doesn’t make them less amazing in any way

Thank you! And yeah, it took me a while to settle on this camera angle. It’s basically the only one that looks good and doesn’t obscure the torso completely: you can still see a bit of the ribcage in there.

@Krelikan thank you very much!

I must say, this build ended up being surprisingly sturdy despite its frail look. The torso, for instance, has a strong technic core to which everything is connected. In fact, there are so many locking points that I once had to disassemble the entire thing completely just to switch up one part inside.


It does have one such area.

This entire panel (circled red) is held in place just by one singular stud connection (circled green), but since it’s jammed so tightly in between other parts of the build, It never fell off on me

@Rukah @Rhyla416 @TheMOCingbird @Eilrach thank you all a lot!


Now this is mocing


Neat, that Godzilla spine is brilliant.


Oh that torso build is just :weary: 🤌