Lloyd is a copy of Spyro

Is it just me or is that Lloyd is pretty much a copy of Spyro and they are both element of magic and that same Element Fire, Lightning, Ice and Earth, I mean In the Legend of Spyro trilogy, Spyro has those Element and Lloyd has the same Elements but the difference between the 2 is the colour choice, Lloyd as Green to Gold and Spyro was Purple and Dark, but the coincidence aswell that they both came back to their original colour as Lloyed is the Green Ninja again and Spyro is back as the purple dragon.
They are both Characters who is what the Prophecy has been for told.


Lloyd isn’t really a copy of Spyro, they’re both just generic characters.


It’s just you. Lloyd and Spyro are hardly the only characters to control these elements. They are also not the only characters to have a prophecy written about them. These two ideas have been repeated in fictional stories many many times.

That and Lloyd is a humanoid minifig and Spyro is a dragon.

minifig != dragon


This is as bad as that Zane and Kopaka connection argument.


Not really…

Characters like these are pretty common.

There’s usually a character who has a a similar role, powers, and importance in fantasy franchises.

######Well they do both appear in a Toys-to-Life genre.
But I don’t see them correlate much.


This is honestly just grasping at straws. The character-who-controls-all-elements trope is pretty widely used. Honestly, I think you could find a better connection between Lloyd and Ben 10.


By these terms, you could also consider Lloyd a copy of Goku. XP

In reality, there’s always a “great all-powerful character” in most every fantasy/adventure franchise. Lloyd hasn’t escaped any tropes, or done something totally unique.

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Except Lloyd’s powers are defined explicitly as “Power” or “Energy”

So’s Rodimus Prime.

And Takanuva

this really is a common thing, dude

Characters try out new colors and then revert back all the time

for example, Bumblebee in Prime had a black phase, before returning to yellow later on.


this is quite the idiotic conspiracy/theory, there really isn’t anything substantial holding this up, with no reason other than “so many powas”

at least lloyd wasn’t is skylanders

well Spyro is pretty much Energy as well but in the other game he has more than 4 Element, and if you remember he had those 4 elements but in that one game he had bubble Breathe from Enter the Dragonfly videogame.
@Sonus Pyro? the flamethrower guy?

Autocorrect doesn’t believe Spyro is a word.


Autocorrect doesn’t believe in Spyro :stuck_out_tongue:

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It doesn’t believe in me either.


Autocorrect and lag are the worst.


Two run of the mill protagonists sharing basic traits.

The plot thickens.

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I’ll also point out, currently no Master in the Ninjago universe uses raw Magic as an element. Lloyd’s stated element is in fact, Energy.

At any rate, they’re both generic “Chosen One” characters, so they’re both copying something made a long time ago.


Klaus does.

You don’t have to if your not a Playstation player of those kind of games

Strictly speaking, his powerset is gained, not inherited, and is classified as Dark Magic.

yes I’m a ninjago geek

don’t think at me in that tone of voice